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Contents of Volume 22, 2011

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January 2011

Hicham Ben Abdallah El Alaoui, The Split in Arab Culture 5

The Impact of the Economic Crisis

Larry Diamond,Why Democracies Survive 17

Marc F. Plattner,From the G-8 to the G-20 31

David Pion-Berlin and Harold Trinkunas,Latin America's Growing Security Gap 39

Ngok Ma,Hong Kong's Democrats Divide 54

Shadi Hamid,Arab Islamist Parties: Losing on Purpose? 68

Christoph Zürcher,Building Democracy While Building Peace 81

Migai Akech,Constraining Government Power in Africa 96

Latin America

Michael Shifter,A Surge to the Center 107

Javier Corrales,A Setback for Chávez 122

Eduardo Posada-Carbó,Colombia After Uribe 137

Liu Xiaobo,Two Essays on China's Quest for Democracy 152

Books in Review

Kathryn Stoner-Weiss,A Russian Liberal's Lament 167

April 2011

Ivan Krastev,Paradoxes of the New Authoritarianism 5

The Freedom House Survey for 2010

Arch Puddington,Democracy Under Duress 17

Liberation Technology

Rebecca MacKinnon,China's “Networked Authoritarianism” 32

Xiao Qiang,The Battle for the Chinese Internet 47

Evgeny Morozov,Whither Internet Control? 62

Amaury de Souza,The Politics of Personality in Brazil 75

Eric Kramon and Daniel N. Posner,Kenya's New Constitution 89

Omar G. Encarnación,Latin America's Gay-Rights Revolution 104

Ellen Lust, Sami Hourani, and Mohammad Al-Momani,Jordan Votes: Election or Selection? 119

Neil DeVotta,Sri Lanka: From Turmoil to Dynasty 130

Greg Michener,FOI Laws Around the World 145

Roukaya Kasenally,Mauritius: Paradise Reconsidered 160

Books in Review

John Knaus and Lynn Lee,Opening North Korea 170

July 2011

The Upheavals in Egypt and Tunisia

Peter J. Schraeder and Hamadi Redissi, Ben Ali's Fall 5

Tarek Masoud, The Road to (and from) Liberation Square 20

Philip N. Howard and Muzammil M. Hussain, The Role of Digital Media 35

Rodger Potocki,Belarus: A Tale of Two Elections 49

Angelo Izama and Michael Wilkerson,Uganda: Museveni's Triumph and Weakness 64

Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy

Francis Fukuyama, Dealing with Inequality 79

Dan Banik, Growth and Hunger in India 90

Charles Simkins, South African Disparities 105

Taekyoon Kim, Huck-Ju Kwon, Jooha Lee, and Ilcheong Yi, “Mixed Governance” and Welfare in South Korea 120

Khalid Mustafa Medani, Strife and Secession in Sudan 135

Kathleen Collins, Kyrgyzstan's Latest Revolution 150

Books in Review

Diego Abente-Brun, Comparing Latin Democracies 165

October 2011

Comparing the Arab Revolts

Marc F. Plattner, The Global Context 5

Lucan Way, The Lessons of 1989 13

Zoltan Barany,The Role of the Military 24

John Carey and Andrew Reynolds,The Impact of Election Systems 36

Stéphane Lacroix,Is Saudi Arabia Immune? 48

Peter M. Lewis,Nigeria Votes: More Openness, More Conflict 60

Peru's 2011 Elections

Martín Tanaka, A Vote for Moderate Change 75

Steven Levitsky,A Surprising Left Turn 84

Do New Democracies Support Democracy? 95

Pratap Mehta, Reluctant India 97

Rizal Sukma,Indonesia Finds a New Voice 110

Soli Özel and Gencer Özcan,Turkey's Dilemmas 124

Ted Piccone, The Multilateral Dimension 139

Stephan Ortmann,Singapore: Authoritarian but Newly Competitive 153

Books in Review

Sheri Berman, Fukuyama's Grand Vision 165



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