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156Books Received Kelly, Bernard J., C.S.Sp., Missionary Spirituality, X—165 pp.; Dublin: M. H. Gill and Son, i960. Legare, Romain, O.F.M., An Apostle of two Worlds Father Frederic Janssoone, O.F.M. of Ghyvelde, transi, by Raphael Brown, T.O.S.F., 380 pp.; Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, (1958). Lekeux, Martial, O.F.M., The Art of Prayer, transi, by Paul J. Oligny, O.F.M., VI—306pp.; Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, (1959). Lesage, Germain, O.M.L, Vers une haute perfection, 192 pp.; Ottawa: Editions de l'université d'Ottawa, i960. McEleney, Neil J., C. S.P., The Law Given Through Moses. Introduction to the Pentateuch, 32 pp.; New York: Paulist Press, (i960). Meyer, Wendelin, O.F.M., To the Least. A biography of Sister Mary Euthymia, transi, by Herman J. Fister, O.F.M., X—85 pp.; Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, (i960). Palmieri, L. E., Language and Clear Thinking. An introduction to Logic, VIII—210 pp. ; Lincoln, Nebraska: Johnsen Publishing Co., (i960). Steck, Francis Borgia, O.F.M., Marquette Legends, edited by August Reyling , O.F.M., XXI—35) pp.; New York: Pageant Press, (1959). Strack, Bonifatius, O.F.M.Cap., Christusleid im Christenleben. Ein Beitrag zur Theologie des christlichen Lebens nach dem heiligen Bonaventura (Franziskanische Forschungen 13), XVII—158 pp.; Werl: Coelde Verlag, i960). Thomas Aquinas (S.), On Charity (De caritate). Transi, from the Latin with an Introduction by Lottie H. Kendzierski, 115: Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, i960. Wolter, Martin, O.F.M., The Voice of Your Father, XVI—400; Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, (i960). Philosophy of Science. The Philosophy of Science Institute Lectures St. John's University Studies (Philosophical Series 1), IX—164 pp.; Jamaica, N.Y.: St. John's University Press, (i960). Religion in the Developing Personality. Proceedings of the Second Academy Symposium 1958, XIII—no pp. ; New York: New York University Press, i960. Corrigendum On p. 226 of volume 19, 1959, please read Robert J. Roth, S. J. instead of Robert J. Roch. S. J. ...


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