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  • The Year in Conferences

"The Year in Conferences" is an annual group-authored report from the field that will provide a snapshot of what's going on among scholars of the American nineteenth century at the conference level. A stable link for each of the conference programs is provided. Contributed by clusters of graduate students who have collaboratively written thematic overviews of major professional meetings, "The Year in Conferences" is ESQ's effort to keep information circulating and the work of practicing scholars vital.


C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists "Imagining: A New Century"

  • The Literary In and Out of American Studies

    • Sessions

    • The Object of American Studies

    • Extravagant Imaginings

    • The Question of Scale in American Literary Studies

    • Quo Vadis? Hemispheric American Studies

  • Shape and Size Matters

    • Sessions

    • Rethinking Sex in the Nineteenth Century

    • Queer Moods

    • Revising Romance: Challenging Science, Challenging History

  • Talking Digital

    • Sessions

    • Vision and Praxis: What Has (and Hasn't) Digital Studies Done to Imagine a New Nineteenth Century?

    • Melville, Media, New Media: Appropriation Adapation, Remixing

    • Pecha Kucha: New Media and Scholarly Presentations [End Page 165]

American Literature Association Annual Conference

  • Genre is Generative

    • Sessions

    • Mark Twain: The Perils of Biography and Anthology

    • Intertextual Exchanges: Adaptations and Transformations on the Nineteenth-Century American Stage

    • New Considerations of the American Short Story

  • Learning in/of the Nineteenth Century

    • Sessions

    • Ideologies of Education: Textbooks in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Culture

    • Teaching by Building Thoreau's Cabin

    • Teaching Poe in the Digital Age

    • Digital Scholarship across American Literature

  • Words and God

    • Sessions

    • Melville and Religious Experience

    • Religious Diversity and Cultural Politics in Early Nineteenth-Century American Literature

    • Hawthorne, Emerson, Melville . . . South Park: Religious Irony and the American Tradition

    • Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Religion

American Studies Association Convention "With Crisis, Chains, and Change"

  • The Archive

    • Sessions

    • The Chains of Historical Telling: Documenting Ordinary Stories Using Archives and Oral Histories

    • The African American Archive and the "Memory Crisis"

  • Digital Humanities

    • Sessions

    • Flexible Producers: Scholarly Subjects in the Digital Age Archive This?!

    • The Roundtable 2.0: A Reconfigured Conference Session for the Digital Humanities [End Page 166]

  • Construction of Historical Narratives

    • Sessions

    • Chains of Belonging

    • Counterfactual Counterhistories: Women Writers Reinventing the Future

  • Early America

    • Sessions

    • Affiliations, Attachment, and Change in Early America

    • On the Borders of Crisis: Alarm Aesthetics and Politics in the Early Americas

    • Early American Eloquence

  • Beyond the Nation

    • Sessions

    • Subterranean Convergences in the Space Time of the Americas

    • The Challenge of Transnational American Studies

    • Exploring the Limits of the Transnationalist Paradigm

    • New Regionalisms: Reframing American Geoscapes in the Shadow of Transnationalism and Globalization

    • American Studies after Southern Exceptionalism I

    • American Studies after Southern Exceptionalism II

    • Intellectual Margins and the Problem of National Culture

  • Additional Formations and Models

    • Sessions

    • The Problem with Nature in Race and Ethnic Studies

    • Food and Sex, Cannibalism and Sodomy: Intersections of Desire and Consumption in the Americas

    • Afrofuture Pasts

    • Slavery, Technology, and Representation

    • Publics, Institutions, and the Politics of Culture: A Race/ Knowledge Project Dialogue

    • Repairing the Human

    • The Origins of Random Serial Murder

    • Unbounded Seas and Unchained Land: (Dis)orientation in American Visual Culture

    • Twenty-first Century Abolitionism: New Challenges I [End Page 167]

C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists Reported By Tyler Roeger, Nicolette Hylan, Joshua Tendler, Matt Boehm, and Sarah Salter

In late May of 2010, C19, a new organization for nineteenth-century Americanists, held its inaugural conference at The Pennsylvania State University in State College. "Imagining: A New Century" reexamined questions and concerns that animate nineteenth-century literary study. Many of the panels that explored form and language reinvigorated broader concerns by highlighting the "literariness" of the texts we study. In a critical era marked by a broadening understanding of the nation and the canon, these panels reminded us that there remains something special about literature, about aesthetically complex and pleasing arrangements of words and themes. But the selection of papers comprising these panels suggested that conference participants considered certain themes more central to the field than others—among them, the state of American studies, the notion of scale, the question of form, and the rise of the digital humanities.

The Literary In and Out of American Studies

In "The Object of...


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