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INDEX TO VOLUME 68 (1992) Abstraction and instance: The type-token relation in linguistic theory. By C. M. Hutton. BN by E. W. Schneider. 229-30. Adams, Carol M.; L. Pederson; S. L. McDaniel; & M. Montgomery (eds.) Linguistic atlas of the Gulfstates, vol. 4: Regional matrix. BN by T. C. Frazer. 441-42. Aissen, Judith L. Topic and focus in Mayan. 43-80. ------. Rev. of Laughlin & Haviland, The great Tzotzil dictionary of Santo Domingo Zinacantán. 387-90. Alchemy of English, The: The spread, functions, and models of non-native Englishes. By B. B. Kachru. BN by W. N. Francis. 231-32. Aleemi, Janet. Zur sozialen und psychischen Situation von Bilingualien. BN by C. van Kerckvoorde . 417. Analogie und morphologische Theorie. By T. Becker. BN by R. Beard. 419. Andersson, Lars, & P. Trudgill. Bad language. BN by R. W. Cole. 417-18. Anglizismen im Deutschen: Am Beispiel des Nachrichtenmagazins DER SPIEGEL. By W. Yang. BN by B. J. Koekkoek. 451-2. Another view of endangered languages. Discussion Note by P. Ladefoged. 809-11. Antworth, Evan L. PC-KIMMO: A two-level processor for morphological analysis. BN by L. Proctor. 418-19. Arabic linguistic tradition, The. By G. Bohas, J.-P. Guillaume, & Dj. E. Kouloughli. Rev. by K. C. Ryding. 390-92. Aronoff, Mark. Rev. of Corbett, Gender. 605-10. Artificial Intelligence techniques in language learning. By R. W. Last. BN by I. Pufahl. 435-37. As time goes by: Tense and universal grammar. By N. Hornstein. Rev. by O. Dahl. 645-50. Autosegmental and metrical phonology. By J. A. Goldsmith. Rev. by Keren Rice. 149-56. Ayers-Bennett, Wendy, & J. N. Green (eds.) Variation and change in French: Essays presented to Rebecca Posner on the occasion of her sixtieth birthday. BN by B. Peeters. 428-29. Bad language. By L. Andersson & P. Trudgill. BN by R. W. Cole. 417-18. Bailey, Richard W. Obituary of Hans Kurath. 797-808. Baker, C. L. Rev. of Pinker, Learning and cognition: The acquisition of argument structure. 402-13. Balogh, Lajos, & M. Kontra (eds.) Él'ónyelvi tanulmányok. Rev. by J. Harlig. 171-75. Barbour, Stephen, & P. Stevenson. Variation in German: A critical approach to German sociolinguistics . Rev. By M. Clyne. 393-96. Barentsen, A. A.; B. M. Groen; & R. Sprenger (eds.) Studies in Slavic and Baltic linguistics. BN by M. R. Lauersdorf. 651-52. Barton, Ellen L. BN on Dorval (ed.), Conversational organization and its development. 424-25. Bates, Elizabeth, & B. MacWhinney (eds.) The crosslinguistic study of sentence processing. RA by E. Gibson. 812-30. Battistella, Edwin. BN on Lasnik, Essays on anaphora. 233-34. ------. BN on Ravin, Lexical semantics without thematic roles. 238-39. ------. BN on Georgopoulos & Ishihara (eds.), Interdisciplinary approaches to language: Essays in honor of S.-Y. Kuroda. 427-28. Baugh, John, & R. McDermott. Rev. of Drew & Wootton (eds.), Erving Goffman: Exploring the interaction order. 833-36. Bayley, Robert. BN on Tollefson, Planning language, planning inequality: Language policy in the community. 667. Beard, Robert. BN on Becker, Analogie und morphologische Theorie. 419. Becker, Thomas. Analogie und morphologische Theorie. BN by R. Beard. 419. Belletti, Adriana. Generalized verb movement: Aspects ofverb syntax. Rev. by J.-Y. Pollock. 836-40. Bender, M. L. BN on Frajzyngier (ed.), Current progress in Chadic linguistics. 226-27. 881 882LANGUAGE, VOLUME 68, NUMBER 4 (1992) Bendor-Samuel, John (ed.) The Niger-Congo languages: A classification and description ofAfrica 's largest language family. Rev. by L. M. Hyman. 614-21. Benedict, Paul K. JapáñeseIAustro-Tai. Rev. by D. B. Solnit. 188-96. Beniak, Edouard, & R. Mougeon. Linguistic consequences oflanguage contact and restriction: The case ofFrench in Ontario, Canada. Rev. by S. Gal. 621-24. Bialystok, Ellen. Communication strategies: A psychological analysis ofsecond-language use. BN by R. Young. 860. Bickerton, Derek. Language and species. Rev. by S. Pinker. 375-82. Bilingualism. By S. Romaine. Rev. by I. Lehiste. 848-51. Binding in Romance: Essays in honour of Judith McA'Nulty. Ed. by A.-M. Di Sciullo & A. Rochette. BN by M. Ishikawa. 655-56. Binding Theory module, The: Evidence from first language acquisition for Principle C. By B. Lust, J. Eisele, & R. Mazuka. 333-58. Birdsong, David. Ultimate attainment in second language acquisition. 706-55. Bixler-Márquez, Dennis J.; J. L. Ornstein-Galicia; & G. K. Green (eds.). Mexican-American Spanish in its...


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