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INDEX TO VOLUME 60 (1984) This index is a unified listing which includes authors of articles and reviews, authors of books reviewed, titles of articles, and titles of books reviewed. Reviews of Festschriften are also entered under the surnames of the persons honored. The abbreviation 'RA' indicates 'Review Article'; 'BN' stands for 'Book Notice'. Aarsleff, Hans. From Locke to Saussure. BN by B. H. Davis. 181. Abbott, Barbara. Rev. of Kripke, Wittgenstein on rules and private language. 646-9. Adquisiciónfonológica en español bonaerense. By M. B. Fontaneila de Weinberg. BN by C. Pye. 187. Advances in the social psychology of language. Ed. by C. Fraser and K. R. Scherer. BN by R. K. S. Macaulay. 201-2. Aggarwal, Narindar K. English in South Asia. BN by C. L. Nelson. 459. Ahlqvist, Anders (ed.) Papers from the 5th International Conference on Historical Linguistics. BN by M. E. Winters. 984-5. Ahrens, Wolfgang P. BN on Lohnes & Hopkins (eds.), The contrastive grammar of English and German. 458. Aktuální clenëni vëty ? ieStinë. By P. Sgall et al. BN by B. Comrie. 670-71. Allerton, D. J. Valency and the English verb. Rev. by R. W. Langacker. 607-11. Altmann, Gabriel, and W. Lehfeldt. Einführung in die quantitative Phonologic BN by L. D. Stephens. 650-51. Alvarez, Luis, and M. de Ledezma. Dos ensayos de lingüistica. BN by F. Nuessel. 186-7. Amastae, Jon, and L. Elîas-Olivares (eds.) Spanish in the United States. Rev. by F. Penalosa. 152-9. Andersen, Roger W. Rev. of Baker & Corne, IsIe de France Creole. 945-50. Antonsen, Elmer H. BN on Gr0nvik, Runene pâ Tunesteinen. 668-9. Approaches to syntax. By J.-P. Paillet and A. Dugas. BN by M. E. Winters. 652. Arapov, M. V., and H. Guiter (eds.) Studies on Zipfs Law. Rev. by L. D. Stephens. 445-7. Arbeitman, Yoël L., and A. R. Bomhard (eds.) Bono homini donum: Essays . . . in memory of J. Alexander Kerns. BN by L. Zgusta. 182. Argumentation. Ed. by E. M. Barth and J. L. Martens. BN by J. L. Subbiondo. 688-9. Aronson, Howard I. Georgian: A reading grammar. BN by A. Manaster-Ramer. 460-61. Ashby, William J. BN on Contreras & Klausenburger (eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth Anniversary Symposium on Romance Linguistics. 182-4. ------. BN on Walter, Enquête phonologique et variétés régionales du français. 185-6. Atlas des formes et des constructions des chartes françaises du 13e siècle. By A. Dees. BN by P. Swiggers and W. van Hoecke. 660-61. Attitudes towards language variation. Ed. by E. B. Ryan and H. Giles. Rev. by S. Gal. 630-33. Attridge, Derek. The rhythms ofEnglish poetry. RA by B. Hayes. 914-23. Automatische Analyse des Deutschen. Ed. by J. Kunze. BN by S. M. Embleton. 667-8. Aymara language in its social and cultural context, The. Ed. by M. J. Hardman. BN by J. Verschueren . 197-8. Baker, C. L., and J. J. McCarthy (eds.) The logical problem oflanguage acquisition. RA by P. W. Culicover. 115-22. Baker, Philip, and C. Corne. Isle de France Creole. Rev. by R. W. Andersen. 945-50. Barentsen, A. A., et al. (eds.) South Slavic and Balkan linguistics. BN by E. Battistella. 193-4. Barth, E. M., and J. L. Martens (eds.) Argumentation. BN by J. L. Subbiondo. 688-9. Bátori, István, et al. (eds.) Linguistische Datenverarbeitung. BN by M. Johnson. 470-71. Battistella, Edwin. BN on Barentsen et al. (eds.), South Slavic and Balkan linguistics. 193-4. ------. BN on Bean, The development of word order patterns in Old English. 455-6. ------. BN on Hilgartner et al., Nukespeak. 1005-6. ——. BN on Hudson, The language of the teenage revolution. 1006-7. 1018 INDEX TO VOLUME 60 (1984)1019 ------. BN on Warner, Complementation in Middle English and the methodology ofhistorical syntax. 456-7. Bean, Marian C. The development of word order patterns in Old English. BN by E. Battistella. 455-6. Beeston, A. F. L., et al. Sabaic dictionary. BN by P. Swiggers. 672-3. Beg, M. A. J. Persian and Turkish loan-words in Malay. BN by J. U. Wolff. 680-81. Behrens, Leila...


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