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INDEX TO VOLUME 50 (1974) This index consists of two parts. Part I, Authors and Titles, is a unified listing which includes authors of articles and reviews, authors of books reviewed, titles of articles, and titles of books reviewed. Reviews of Festschriften are also entered under the surnames of the persons honored. Part II, Topics and Languages, is a unified listing of two types ofitem: (1) major topics of articles or reviews, which may be names of languages or language families, e.g. French, Slavic, or topics such as Psycholinguistics; (2) languages or language families which are referred to, but do not constitute major topics. References for all entries in Part II are given in terms ofauthor and page number (within each article or review) where first mention of the topic or language is found. Italics indicate references to major topics. I AUTHORS AND TITLES Abdel-Massih, Ernest T. Tamazight verb structure. Rev. by J. Harries. 189-95. Abstractness controversy, The: experimental input from Hindi. By M. Ohala. 225-35. According to our ancestors. Ed. by M. Shaw. Rev. by L. Campbell. 394-7. Acquisition ofsyntax in bilingual children, The. By C. Kessler. Rev. by K. Connors, 413-17. Analyse structurale du créole guyanais. By M. Saint Jacques Fauquenoy. Rev. by D. R. Taylor. 380-83. Aphasiological evidence for five linguistic hypotheses. By M. L. Schnitzer. 300-315. Application of phonological rules, The. By A. Koutsoudas, G. Sanders, & C. Noll. 1-28. Arabic language today, The. By A. F. L. Beeston. Rev. by C. G. Killean. 186-8. Arguments about deep structure, The. By G. Bedell. 423-45. Bammesberger, Alfred. The formation of the East Baltic stative verbs *stäw-e- and *déw-ë-. 687-95. Beade, Pedro. Rev. of Hadlich, A transformational grammar of Spanish. 177-84. Bedell, George. The arguments about deep structure. 423-45. Beeston, A. F. L. Arabic language today, The. Rev. by C. G. Killean. 186-8. ------. Embedding of the theme-predicate structure in Arabic. 474-7. ------. Written Arabic. Rev. by C. G. Killean. 186-8. Berman-Aronson, Ruth. Rev. of Fowler, An introduction to transformational syntax. 372-6. Bloom, Lois. Rev. of Hayes (ed.), Cognition and the development of language. 398-412. Bolinger, Dwight. The phrasal verb in English. Rev. by B. Fraser. 568-75. Braine, Martin D. S. On what might constitute learnable phonology. 270-99. Campbell, Lyle. Phonological features: problems and proposals. 52-65. ------. Rev. of García de León, Los elementos del tzotzil colonial y moderno; Kaufman, El proto-tzeltal-tzotzil; Shaw (ed.), According to our ancestors. 394-7. Carr, Elizabeth Ball. Da Kine Talk. Rev. by R. A. Hall Jr. 604-7. Cassidy, Frederic G. Rev. of Zettersten, The English of Tristan da Cunha. 175-7. Cedergren, Henrietta J., & D. Sankoff. Variable rules : performance as a statistical reflection of competence. 333-55. Chafe, Wallace L. Language and consciousness. 111-33. Clark, Eve V. Normal states and evaluative viewpoints. 316-32. Cognition and the development of language. Ed. by J. R. Hayes. Rev. by L. Bloom. 398-412. Cole, Peter. Indefiniteness and anaphoricity. 665-74. Comparative phonology and morphology of the Baltic languages. By J. Endzelïns. Rev. by V. J. Zeps. 586-91. Connors, Kathleen. Rev. of Kessler, The acquisition ofsyntax in bilingual children. 413-17. Constraint on variables in phonology, A. By J. T. Jensen. 675-86. Constraints on global rules in phonology. By D. A. Dinnsen. 29-51. 772 INDEX TO VOLUME 50 (1974)773 Current trends in linguistics, 7: Linguistics in sub-Saharan Africa. Ed. by T. A. Sebeok. Rev. by H. F. W. Stahlke. 195-205. Curtiss, Susan, et al. The linguistic development of Genie. 528-54. Da Kine Talk. By E. B. Carr. Rev. by R. A. Hall Jr. 604-7. Deep-structure appositive and complement NP's. By D. Halitsky. 446-54. Descriptive analysis of Cypriot Maronite Arabic, A. By M. Tsiapera. Rev. by P. A. Schreiber. 748-55. Developmental neurophysiology and phonological acquisition order. By P. H. Salus & M. W. Salus. 151-60. Dialects as optimal communication networks. By J. E. Grimes. 260-69. Differential interference in American Finnish cases. By D. W. Larmouth. 356-66. Dinnsen, Daniel A. Constraints on global rules in phonology...


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