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NOTES The following typographical corrections should be made in Manjari Ohala's article, 'The abstractness controversy: experimental input from Hindi', which appeared in Lg. 50:2 (June 1974): P. 226, line above rule (4) : a should be a. Ibid., rule (4): a should be a. Ibid., rule (2'): should begin 0 -> a. Ibid., 4th line below rule (2'): [dast] should be [dast]. P. 234, line 7 : a should be a. In Lg. 50:3 (Sept. 1974), in Robert A. Hall Jr.'s review of E. Carr's Da Kine Talk, a correction should be made on p. 605, line 12 from the bottom: 'depopularization' should be changed to 'popularization'. 766 ...


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