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  • Driving Alone, and: This Precious and Only
  • Barry D. Amis (bio)

Driving Alone

Variation on a theme by Julia Uceda

perhapsthe solitude and monotonyof the expanse assailthe imagination or exposea loneliness of signalsnot working,messages not received.the unceremonied fleshis undone by melancholic hopesand chagrined absence.

cradled in unfeeling time,the scarred vehiclenegotiates the void;silence acquiesces,heedless of starsand sign posts,just going in circles.

until something or someone intercedes,the blurred finish isdistant, elusive.the rest stop is closed,the toll exorbitant.the exit sign is nowhere in sight,and the destination,is all but forgotten.

This Precious and Only

Not when never bluely knowsThe Yes that streams     —blue and now—The unavoidable un-void,The field, fold, and fire,One-ly, only, on.

When now nowhere knowsThe How that blues     —streamly new—The muchness of searching, sprouting spirits,The bed, breath, and beautyHours, ours, one.

Boundless and blue, This precious and only. [End Page 723]

Barry D. Amis

Barry D. Amis was a professor at Michigan State and Purdue universities and a Fulbright scholar in France, Cameroon, and Niger. Currently he lives and writes in Alexandria, Virginia.



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