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Bartholomae, David | Teaching on and off the Tenure Track: Highlights from the ADE Survey of Staffing Patterns in English 7

Boe, John | Don’t Call Me Professor! 33

Harris, Joseph | Writing outside English: A Response to David Bartholomae 51

Holdstein, Deborah H. | Rhetorical Silence, Scholarly Absence, and Tradition Rethought: Notes from an Editorship 451

Meehan, Sean Ross | Education after an Earthquake: Emerson’s Lessons in Panic and Pedagogy 247

Murphy, Michael | Making a Place for Teaching Faculty: Some Thoughts on David Bartholomae’s “Teaching on and off the Tenure Track” 57

Nardo, Anna K. | Our Tangled Web: Research Mandates and Staffing Patterns 43


Beard, Laura J. | Teaching Native Autobiographies as Acts of Narrative Resistance 109

Burgett, Bruce, Cinnamon Hillyard, Ron Krabill, Sarah Leadley, and Becky Rosenberg | Teaching Interdisciplinarity 465

Clausson, Nils | Clarity, George Orwell, and the Pedagogy of Prose Style; or, How Not to Teach “Shooting an Elephant” 301

Comer, Denise K. | Bending the Gaze: Transparency, Reciprocity, and Supervisory Classroom Visits 517

Cushman, Ellen | New Media Scholarship and Teaching: Challenging the Hierarchy of Signs 63

Evans, Ann | Beyond Grammar: Linguistics in Language and Writing Courses 285

Fisher, Judith | see Ritchie, Leslie

Hillyard, Cinnamon | see Burgett, Bruce [End Page 621]

Holberg, Jennifer L., and Marcy Taylor | Editors’ Introduction 247

Holberg, Jennifer L., and Marcy Taylor | Editors’ Introduction: Shared Governance and the “Wisconsin” Moment 443

Holberg, Jennifer L., and Marcy Taylor | Editors’ Introduction: The Bottom Line 1

Krabill, Ron | see Burgett, Bruce

Leadley, Sarah | see Burgett, Bruce

LeCourt, Donna, and Anna Rita Napoleone | Teachers with(out) Class: Transgressing Academic Social Space through Working-Class Performances 81

Letter, Joseph J. | Reading the New Yorker: Serialized Texts and the Performative Present in the Writing Classroom 325

Lynch, Paul | Unprincipled Pedagogy: Casuistry and Postprocess Teaching 257

Napoleone, Anna Rita | see LeCourt, Donna

Ritchie, Leslie, and Judith Fisher | Performing Literary History: Playing with Seventeenth-Century Dramatic Types 493

Rosenberg, Becky | see Burgett, Bruce

Seitz, David | Mocking Discourse: Parody as Pedogogy 371

Stenberg, Shari | Teaching and (Re)Learning the Rhetoric of Emotion 349

Taylor, Marcy | see Holberg, Jennifer L.

Cluster on Shared Governance

Balkun, Mary McAleer | Making Shared Governance Work: Strategies and Challenges 562

Langland, Elizabeth | Shared Governance in an Age of Change 554

Leitch, Vincent B. | Governance Matters 539

Lyne, Bill | Campus Clout, Statewide Strength: Improving Shared Governance through Unionization 558

Welch, Nancy | La Langue de Coton: How Neoliberal Language Pulls the Wool over Faculty Governance 545

Cluster on Teaching Shakespeare

Avery, Bruce | You Don’t Know Jack: Engaging the Twenty-First-Century Student with Shakespeare’s Plays 135

deGravelles, Karin H. | You Be Othello: Interrogating Identification in the Classroom 153 [End Page 622]

Hansen, Matthew C. | “O Brave New World”: Service-Learning and Shakespeare 177

From the Classroom

Anson, Chris M. | My Dinner with Calais 578

Asarnow, Herman | see Hersh, Cara

Brown, Rebecca | Promoting Cooperation and Respect: “Bad” Poetry Slam in the Nontraditional Classroom 571

Curtin, Adrian | Engaging Death, Drama, the Classroom, and Real Life 206

Hersh, Cara, Molly Hiro, and Herman Asarnow | The Undergraduate Literature Conference: A Report from the Field 395

Hiro, Molly | see Hersh, Cara

Hogue, Bev | I’m Not Making This Up: Taking Humor Seriously in the Creative Nonfiction Classroom 199

McNabb, Cameron Hunt | This One Is for the Groundlings 404

O’Connor, Tom | The Ethics of Violence: Representing Inner-City Communities and the Case of Boaz Yakin’s Fresh 408


Bordelon, Suzanne | A Feminist Legacy: The Rhetoric and Pedagogy of Gertrude Buck, reviewed by Susan Pagnac 431

Breckenridge, Adam | What’s Wrong with the Workshop: A New Collection of Essays Examines the Effectiveness of the Creative Writing Workshop (Dianne Donnelly, ed., Does the Writing Workshop Still Work?) 425

Carter, Shannon | The Way Literacy Lives: Rhetorical Dexterity and Basic Writing Instruction, reviewed by Jamey Gallagher 219

Comeau, Paula | Science in the Writing Classroom: Interdisciplinary Rhetorical Explorations (Michael J. Zerbe, Composition and the Rhetoric of Science: Engaging the Dominant Discourse) 233

Craft, Kevin | Countering the Pedagogy of Regression (Joshua Marie Wilkinson, ed., Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook) 609

Donnelly, Dianne, ed. | Does the Writing Workshop Still Work?, reviewed by Adam Breckenridge 425

Gallagher, Jamey | Embracing Vernacular Literacies (Shannon Carter, The Way Literacy Lives: Rhetorical Dexterity...


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