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  • Recent Periodicals
  • Robert Laurie and John L. Flood
British Numismatic Journal, 80 (2010)

Includes: R. J. Eaglen, 'The Illustration of Coins: An Historical Survey, Part I'.

Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship Journal, 9 (2009)

Includes: L. Thorne-Murphy, 'Aunt Charlotte Visits the Wild West: A Publication History of Charlotte M. Yonge's Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Bible History'.

Enterprise & Society, 11, 4 (December 2010)

Includes: J. M. Adelman, '"A Constitutional Conveyance of Intelligence, Public and Private": The Post Office, the Business of Printing, and the American Revolution'.

Greece & Rome, 2nd ser., 57, 2 (October 2010)

Includes: M. Nicholls, 'Parchment Codices in a New Text of Galen'.

History Today, 61, 4 (April 2011)

Includes: S. MacMillan, 'Sana'a: City of the Book'.

Indonesia and the Malay World, 38, 112 (2010)

Includes: V. Braginsky, '"Newly Found" Manuscripts That Were Never Lost: Three François Valentijn Manuscripts in the Collection of Muzium Seni Asia (MS UM 81.163)'.

Journal of Design History, 22, 2 (2009)

Includes: M. Esbester, 'Designing Time: The Design and Use of Nineteenth-Century Transport Timetables'.

———, 22, 4 (2009)

Includes: T. Triggs, 'Designing Graphic Design History'.

———, 23, 3 (2010)

Includes: E. M. Thomson, 'Aesthetic Issues in Book Cover Design 1880-1910'.

Journal of the Early Republic, 30, 3 (Fall 2010)

Includes: R. M. Peck and E. P. Newman, 'Discovered! The First Engraving of an Audubon Bird'.

Journal of the Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, 5 (2010)

Includes: J. W. Cairns, 'Alexander Cunningham, Book Dealer: Scholarship, Patronage and Politics'; M. C. T. Simpson, '"Every One is Sure to Get Something for his Money": A 1712 Book Lottery and Auction in Edinburgh'; R. Black, 'Alexander MacDonald's Ais-Eiridh' 1751; M. Buck and P. Garside, 'New Materials Discovered at Abbotsford'; A. Tedeschi, 'From Thistle to Kowhai: Books with Scottish Provenance from a New Zealand Collection'; D. McVey, 'John Bell's Travels in the 21st Century'; E. H. Cohen and L. Fleming, 'Constructing the Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein'; A. F. Johnson, 'Type Design and Type Founding in Scotland'. [End Page 317]

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 69, 4 (December 2010)

Includes: R. L. Thomas, 'From the Library to the Printing Press: Luigi Vanvitelli's Life with Books'.

Late Imperial China, 31, 1 (June 2010)

Includes: Suyoung Son, 'Publishing as a Coterie Enterprise: Zhang Chao and the Making of Printed Texts in Early Qing China'.

Libraries & the Cultural Record, 45, 2 (2010)

Special Issue: Women Pioneers in the Information Sciences, Part II. Includes: R. V. Williams, 'Madeline M. Henderson: From Chemical Information Science Pioneer to Architect of the New Information Science'; L. C. Smith and C. Tenopir, 'Martha E. Williams: Pioneer Information Scientist and Online Industry Guru'; K. La Barre, 'Pauline Atherton Cochrane: Weaving Value from the Past'; C. Fulton, 'An Ordinary Life in the Round: Elfreda Annmary Chatman'.

———, 45, 3, (2010)

Includes: B. W. Seaver, 'Rebecca Rankin's Campaign for a Municipal Archives in New York, 1920-1952'; B. M. Moran, 'E. W. B. Nicholson and the Bodleian Library Staff Kalendar'; H. A. Peterson, 'The Genesis of Monastic Libraries'; K. J. Hayes, 'The Public Library in Utopia'; E. A. Goedeken, 'Our Historiographical Enterprise: Shifting Enterprise and Directions'; E. Guss, 'Vivian G. Harsh Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, Chicago Public Library'.

———, 45, 4, (2010)

Includes: P. R. Bleisch, 'Spoilsmen and Daughters of the Republic: Political Interference in the Texas State Library during the Tenure of Elizabeth Howard West, 1911-1925'; T. A. Bolze, 'From Private Passion to Public Virtue: Thomas B. Lockwood and the Making of a Cultural Philanthropist, 1895-1935'; H. C. Rasmussen, 'Records Management and the Decline of the English Archival Establishment, 1949-1956'; P. Jones, 'The Mission of the "Little Star": Juana Manrique de Lara's Contribution to Mexican Librarianship'; S. Reynolds, 'The Library of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, Australia'.

———, 46, 1, (2011)

Includes: R. Kingston, 'The French Revolution and the Materiality of the Modern Archive'; G. Eaton, 'The Education of Alice M. Jordan and the Origins of the Boston Public Library Training School'; H. Dean, '"The Persuasion of Books": The Significance of Libraries in Colonial British Columbia'; K. McDowell, 'Children's Voices in Librarians' Words, 1890-1930'; H...