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Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 58.3 (2003) 367-372

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Recent Dissertations in the History of Medicine*

In this list of recently completed dissertations the highlighted number uniquely identifies each thesis and is your key to further information about it. Abstracts can be viewed in Dissertation Abstracts, issued monthly and available at many libraries. Some libraries provide free access to dissertations and abstracts on line, including the capacity to download them in full. Most dissertations can also be ordered via Bell and Howell Information and Learning by calling 800–521–0600 or writing to 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Dissertations can be ordered online through the Bell and Howell website at

Jonathan Richard Baer. Perfectly empowered bodies: Divine healing in modernizing America. Yale University, 2002, 390 pages. 3046120

Karen Andrea Balcom. The traffic in babies: Cross-border adoption, baby-selling and the development of child welfare systems in the United States and Canada, 1930–1960. Rutgers The State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick, 2002, 427 pages. 3046717

Scott B. Bauer. The history of Norman Geschwind and contributions to neuropsychology. Carlos Abizu University, 2001, 111 pages. 3054214

Robert Ian Blecher. The medicalization of sovereignity: Medicine, public health, and political authority in Syria, 1861–1936. Stanford University, 2002, 233 pages. 3048495 [End Page 367]

Jennifer M. Brier. Infectious ideas: AIDS and conservatism in America, 1980–1992. Rutgers The State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick, 2002, 265 pages. 3055028

Eliza Starr Byard. Inverts, perverts, and national peril: Federal responses to homosexuality, 1890–1956. Columbia University, 2002, 269 pages. 3048101

Bryan Thomas Callahan. Syphilis and civilization: A social and cultural history of sexually transmitted disease in colonial Zambia and Zimbabwe, 1890–1960. The Johns Hopkins University, 2002, 310 pages. 3046428

Marcello Carastro. The conception of magic in ancient Greece (French text). The Johns Hopkins University, 2002, 533 pages. 3046429

Elizabeth Ann Chenault. Guiteaumania: Reading a late nineteenth-century political assassination. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2002, 335 pages. 3046977

Il-Koo Cho. Healing in the context of Korean Pentecostalism, 1950s to the present: Historical and ethnographic approaches. The Claremont Graduate University, 2002, 198 pages. 3046795

Carol Collier. From naturalism to mechanism: Ambiguities and contradictions in Descartes’ mechanistic physiology. University of Ottawa, 2001, 260 pages. NQ67947

Andrew Todd Crislip. The monastic health care system and the development of the hospital in Late Antiquity. Yale University, 2002, 259 pages. 3046141

Alexandra Frederika Caroline Cuffel. Filthy words/filthy bodies: Gendering disgust in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Jewish-Christian polemic. New York University, 2002, 589 pages. 3048809

Arthur Alfred Daemmrich. Therapeutic cultures: Pharmaceutical regulation and medical politics in the United States and Germany. Cornell University, 2002, 309 pages. 3050417

Telma Camargo da Silva. Radiation illness representation and experience: The aftermath of the Goiania radiological disaster. City University of New York, 2002, 283 pages. 3047208

Wesley Raymond Dean. Broken promises: The Canadian tainted-blood scandal. University of Alberta, 2002, 226 pages. NQ68561 [End Page 368]

Rachelle A. Dermer. Photographic objectivity and the construction of the medical subject in the United States. Boston University, 2002, 210 pages. 3051415

Barbara Montgomery Dossey. Letters from a mystic: Florence Nightingale’s legacy for postmodern nursing. Union Institute and University, 2002, 194 pages. 3048029

Dennis Lee Durst. 'No legacy annuls heredity from God’: Evangelical social reformers and the North American eugenics movement. Saint Louis University, 2002, 326 pages. 3051786

Marjorie Nan Feld. Lilian D. Wald and mutuality in twentieth-century America. Brandeis University, 2002, 261 pages. 3045888

Peter Lesly Ferentzy. The addiction concept: How the language of sin was replaced by that of disease. York University, 2001, 351 pages. NQ67928

David L. Ferro. Selling science in the colonial American newspaper: How the middle colonial American general periodical represented nature, philosophy, medicine, and technology, 1728–1765. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2001, 271 pages. 3042209

Thomas D. Foster. Sex and the eighteenth-century man: Anglo-American discourses on sex and manliness in Massachusetts, 1690–1765. The Johns Hopkins University, 2002, 271 pages. 3046453



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