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BOOK REVIEWS 296 collaboration of Michaelists such as William of Ockham and Francis of Ascoli on the texts. Bonagratia learned from them. They in turn learned from him, as Wittneben observes, with reference to Ockham’s Work of Eighty Days. Not only has Wittneben supplied us with a convincing portrait of a great jurist at work; she has also let historians know that Bonagratia of Bergamo contributed significantly to the political thought of the fourteenth century. The Franciscan Institute DAVID FLOOD, O.F.M. St. Bonaventure, New York BOOKS RECEIVED Actas do Congresso de Fátima. Do sacrificio de Cristo à dimensão sacrificial da existência cristã. (9-12 Maio 2001.) Fátima: Santuário de Fátima, 2002. 717 pages. Anderson, C. Colt, A Call to Piety. Quincy, IL: Franciscan Press, 2002. 213 pages. Berg, Dieter, Armut und Geschichte. Studien zur Geschichte der Bettelorden im Hohen und Späten Mittelalter. Kevelaer: Butzon & Bercker, 2001. 486 pages. Butigan, Ken, Pilgrimage through a Burning World. Spiritual Practice and Nonviolent Protest at the Nevada Test Site. Albany: State University of New York, 2003. 234 pages. Cacciotti, A., ed., Verba Domini mei. Gli “Opuscula” di Francesco d’Assisi a 25 anni dalla edizione di Kajetan Esser, ofm., Rome: Edizioni Antonianum, 2003. 502 pages. Caroli, Ernesto, ed., Dizionario Antoniano. Padova: Edizioni Messaggero, 2002. 608 pages. O’Connor, Thomas, and Mary Ann Lyons, editors. Irish Migrants in Europe after Kinsale, 1602-1820. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003. BOOK REVIEWS 297 208 pages. (Distributor: International Specialized Book Services, Portland, Oregon.) Wittneben, E., Bonagratia von Bergamo: Franziskanerjurist und Wortführer. Leiden: Brill, 2003. 424 pages. ...


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