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“Book Review: Biological Systematics: Principles and Applications, by Randall T. Schuh and Andrew V. Z. Brower,” by Pierre Darlu, Human Biology 82(2):239–240 (April 2010).

In the text beginning on the top of page 240 through the end of the paragraph, “Another limiting factor of the maximum likelihood approach . . . ” should instead read, “Another limiting factor of the maximum likelihood approach is that it first needs the definition of an evolutionary model that cannot be refuted and whose degree of realism is difficult to assess. Differently, parsimony methods are presented as independent from evolutionary models. Indeed, one can agree that parsimony is a good criterion even if evolution does not exist, but if one assumes that evolution does exist, parsimonious trees are interpreted in terms of evolution, thus meaning that parsimony provides trees that are a posteriori no longer model-free.” [End Page 565]



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