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  • Memorial Daze
  • Bob Henry Baber (bio)

Maple leaves rustle with the breeze,robin songs resound across the meadow,a wind chime created of recycled spoonsmakes a new ring, proposes marriage, and awaits a reply.

Could this possibly bethe same soft airthat so gently touched my skina half century ago?

What has changed everythingWhat has changed nothing

Happily, this mystery    remains    unsolved [End Page 121]

Bob Henry Baber

Bob Henry Baber is a candidate for Governor of West Virginia on the Mountain Party ticket, the same ticket that author Denise Giardina ran on a few years back. Baber is a former Mayor of Richwood, West Virginia, where his family has lived for generations and his long awaited novel, Pure Orange Sunshine, based on his being shot in 1971 by the lapd and going to prison, is now in print.



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