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  • Glenna Sloan, Tanja Nathanael, Ines Galling, Jay Heale, and Glenna Sloan
    Translated by Claudia Soeffner

Struck by a powerful earthquake, then massive tsunami, and on top of that, a serious nuclear power plant failure on March 11, Japan's northeast region is the scene of a compound disaster. Many child victims of the disaster have suffered psychologically and remain in uncertain and anxious circumstances. Barrier-free children's books are made through the loving and caring efforts of many people. Believing that these books, too, can help these children rebuild their confidence and hope, JBBY has also begun supporting the delivery of these books to the disaster-struck areas.

Dr. Susan Bissell of UNICEF has this to say of the newest book in Citizen Kid, the collection of books from Kids Can Press that explain complex global issues for young readers: "For those of us working in the child protection sphere, this is a welcome addition to the education of people, young and old, about the challenges that children face... and the ways to meet them. "In this handsome, large-format book, a succinct, readable text is complemented by Armstrong's evocative paintings. Included throughout and as endnotes are the articles, in a child-friendly version, from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The book ends with suggestions for discussion and activities designed to inform readers of hard truths about adverse conditions blighting many children's lives. Can lucky children help others less fortunate? Smith says "Yes!" and tells them how.

Glenna Sloan

David J. Smith

This Child, Every Child: A Book About the World's Children

Illus. Shelagh Armstrong

Toronto, Canada: Kids Can Press, 2011
36 pp. ISBN: 9781554534661
(nonfiction, ages 8+)

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When Big Monster climbs to the top of a tall tree, he imagines he is on an adventurous journey to Monster Peak. As his tales get taller and taller, Little Monster feels left behind. What must a little monster do to get to the top? Fans of the award-winning Monster series will be delighted with this latest installment. The series highlights the friendship between two monsters who don't always get along. Big Monster learns that he is not always right; Little Monster learns that although he is small, he can still hurt Big Monster's feelings. Both discover a genuine sympathy for the other inspite of their differences and learn how to work together to overcome obstacles. The books, written collaboratively in Faroese, Swedish, and Icelandic, have been published internationally in ten countries. Jónsdóttir's striking colors and broad strokes create an intense atmosphere, while the expressive faces of the monsters will thoroughly captivate and charm readers of all ages.

Tanja Nathanael

Rakel Helmsdal, Kalle Güettler, Áslaug Jónsdóttir

Skrímslahæddir (Monster at the Top)

Languages: Faroese, Swedish, Icelandic Illus. Áslaug Jónsdóttir
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands: Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, 2011
30 pp. ISBN: 978-99918-1-808-5
(picture book, ages 2-6)

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It's a little princess's dearest wish to finally become a character in a fairy tale. Convinced that one needs a prince to turn in to a fairy tale star, she tries various proven methods of prince-acquiring such as kissing slimy frogs and placing shoes on the castle's staircase. Yet, for the time being, nothing works. Still, a fairy tale wouldn't be a fairy tale if it didn't have a happy ending. Thus, one day a prince stands on her doorstep. It takes the princess seven Brother Grimm tales until her dream eventually comes true. Susanne Strasser has kept the basic motifs and structures of the original tales; yet, through wit and irony, she has shifted the emphasis and created new accentuation in her verbal and visual language. This results in a mixture of familiar and innovative elements that turn this unusual fairy tale book into a treasure that young and old readers alike will enjoy.

Ines Galling (translated by Claudia Soeffner)

Susanne Strasser

Das Märchen von der Prinzessin, die unbedingt in einem Märchen vorkommen wollte (The Fair y Tale of the...


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