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Franciscan Studies 60 (2002) 1 THE FRANCISCAN INSTITUTE HONORS FATHER ZACHARY HAYES, O.F.M. On July 14, 2002, the noted American scholar of medieval theology and internationally recognized expert on the works of Bonaventure, Fr. Zachary Hayes, O.F.M., was awarded the 15th Franciscan Institute Medal during a ceremony in the Quick Arts Center on the campus of St. Bonaventure University. In this honor, he joins other prominent medievalists such as Allan Wolter, O.F.M., Bernard McGinn, Servus Gieben and Clément Schmitt who have received the same distinction in past years. Gathered on the dais of the Quick Arts Center was not only this evening’s honorée, Zachary Hayes, but also one of his most distinguished teachers, Allan Wolter, O.F.M.; one of Zachary’s first students, Dr. Thomas A. Shannon of the Worchester Polytechnic Institute; and finally one of his later students, Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M., who served as emcee for the ceremony. Sister Margaret Carney, O.S.F., Director of the Franciscan Institute, flanked by Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, President of St. Bonaventure University, read out the official citation of commendation for the 15th Franciscan Institute Medal in which the distinctive achievements of the honorée, Zachary Hayes, were noted and praised. Sister Carney began by reminding the audience that the distinguished contributions which Fr. Hayes has been able to make to Franciscan studies almost never occurred. Originally destined for higher studies in the realm of music, “a graced combination of Providence and obedience,” as she put it, “drew you from the field of liturgical music and transposed you into the ranks of aspiring theologians at Friedrich Wilhelm University in Germany.” This was in 1961. Carney then went on to trace his academic lineage. She noted in particular the importance of the writings of Philotheus Boehner and the teaching of Allan Wolter for introducing him to the riches of the medieval Franciscan philosophical tradition already during his formative years as a young Franciscan student. Arriving in Bonn to begin doctoral studies in theology, Zachary quickly delved more deeply into the Franciscan theological tradition particularly under the guiding influences of his Doktor Vater Johannes Auer (who directed his dissertation on the creation theology of Matthew of Aquasparta) and INSTITUTE MEDAL 2 the young Joseph Ratzinger (whose work on the eschatology of Bonaventure would serve as a critical springboard for his own writings on the Seraphic Doctor). She then went on to cite the critical collegial relationships Hayes has developed over the years with other outstanding scholars – most notably Ignatius Brady, Ewert Cousins and David Tracy – as well as his more recent involvement with groups like the Chicago Center for Religion and Science that has enabled him to bring the insights of the medieval tradition to bear on the contemporary concerns of modern science. Beyond these formative influences and his fruitful collaboration with colleagues both national and international, perhaps the most important contribution Hayes has made to Franciscan scholarship, Carney noted, consists in his more than thirty-five years of exemplary teaching (primarily at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago), his important writings on and translations of Bonaventure and his attempts to elaborate the uniqueness of the Franciscan approach to the educational enterprise. She expressed the significance of these achievements in the following manner: Today, a renewed concern for the preservation and expansion of the Franciscan intellectual tradition is rising to prominence throughout the English-speaking world. We believe that years from now, it will be clear that you dedicated your life to a ministry of teaching and writing that created a powerful bond between the era of the pioneers of Franciscan scholarship in this country and the present generation – represented by the students and teachers assembled here – of those pursuing degrees and competencies in Franciscan studies. Our generation knows itself to be profoundly indebted to you. For this lifetime of extraordinary service to the Franciscan world, therefore, Sister Margaret Carney proudly awarded its 15th Institute Medal to Fr. Zachary Hayes, O.F.M. Fr. Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M, then followed the presentation of the official citation and medal with a formal introduction of the honorée who was the keynote...