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Erratum T h e following pages feature the corrected version of Erica Strecker Downs and Phillip C. Saunders, “Legitimacy and the Limits of Nationalism: China and the Diaoyu Islands,” Vol.23, No. 3 (Winter 1998/99),pp. 114-146. Please note that the authors bear no responsibility for errors that appear in the article as it was published in the Winter 1998/99issue, which include a section of missing text on pp. 130-132 and repeated text on pp. 145-146. We apologize for these errors. To avoid any confusion and to ensure that the entire correct article is available to all readers, we are including the full text here. The article should, however, continue to be cited as appearing in the Winter 1998/99 issue. It is therefore reproduced with the pagination (pp. 114-146) from that issue. ...


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