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THE CONTRIBUTORS Joshua david bellin recently received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His dissettation, "The Demon of the Continent : American Literature, Indian Conversion, and the Dynamics of Cultural Exchange," explores the interrelations between Native American and Euro-American peoples in American literature. He has published on Uncle Tom's Cabin in American Literature, and has an article on John Eliot forthcoming in the New England Quarterly. Maggie sale teaches women's and gendet studies and US literature and culture at Columbia University. She is completing a book, The Slumbering Volcano: Recasting Race, Masculinity, and US National Identity, which examines the notion of righteous rebellion in four slave revolts on ships during the mid-nineteenth century. Her work has also appeared in American Literature and African American Revieiv. Sandra gunning is assistant professor of English at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she teaches American and African American literature. Her book Writing a Red Record: Gender, Representation , and Racial Violence in American Literature, 1890-19 12 is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. richard a. KAYE has studied at the University of Chicago and Princeton University. His articles and reviews have appeared in The Nation , The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Edith Wharton Review , and Studies in English Literature. He is currently completing a book-length study of fiction and erotic deferral entitled Suspended Desires: Flirtation in the Victorian Edwardian Novel. timothy l. parrish teaches courses in American literature at the University of North Texas, and is currently finishing his book, Pragmatism and the Experience of American Identity. E. SHASKAN BUMAS is the author of The Price of Tea in China (University of Massachusetts Press, 1994). ...


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