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  • Resolutions of the 2010 APCG Meeting, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • William K. Crowley, Nancy Wilkinson, and Jenny Zorn

Whereas, the Department of Geography at the University of Idaho has hosted this 73rd meeting of the APCG with dignity, elegance, and warmth, and

Whereas, we have all received the rewards of their skillful efforts at organization and their considerable ability at putting together a most rewarding program, and

Whereas, we accord special recognition to the labors of our co-organizers, Gundars Rudzitis and Harley Johansen; to field-trip coordinator Crystal Kolden; to program coordinators John Abatzoglou, Jim Craine, and David Deis; to the invaluable contributions of Loanne Meyer and Kelly Hugo; to Dean Scott Wood (boat trip) and President Duane Nellis; and to the many grad and undergrad student volunteers, and

Whereas, we regret that, nevertheless, your erstwhile Resolutions Committee has received notice from its countless number of informers, from an infinity of Google Earth images, and from underground reporters working as apparent hotel employees, that particular acts and doings necessitate individual citation, to wit:

Whereas, the Coeur d'Alene Resort, a truly fab destination, for unexplained reasons assigned large numbers of attendees to a section of the hotel reachable only by hidden elevators and back passageways, past offices and workers, to quarters more associated with a Motel 6 than a great lodge, and

Whereas, said hotel also found it necessary to issue ring-like bars of soap with no centers, leading scores of geographers to try to buy a dozen soap holes at the gift shop, and

Whereas, we all received great comfort knowing that said soap was to be found in a carton "made from natural recycled packaging and printed with soy-based ink [further enhancing the Chinese economy]…this vegetable based soap is cruelty free," therefore apparently useless to any parent who wanted to wash out her son's mouth because of profane utterances (if only this soap had been available to my mother!), and

Whereas, Gundars Ruzitis, our tireless meeting co-organizer, cleverly arranged to be in New Zealand all spring semester—always a consummate planning technique for those wanting to share the organizing experience, and

Whereas, during the meeting sessions, attendees were introduced to a new game called "room roulette": there are two sessions and three rooms; [End Page 150] you guess if it's Bay 2, Bay 3, or Bay 4, successfully keeping us all at bay for the entire meeting, and

Whereas, in hopes that her beloved colleague Paul Starrs would leave the meetings early, Kate Berry of the University of Nevada informed him this banquet would be held on Thursday—Paul is still running around asking people "Did I get any awards?", and

Whereas, Robert Quinn of Eastern Washington University established a new standard of fowl behavior during a paper presentation, uttering perfect duck calls twice during his wetland mitigation paper, and

Whereas, Crystal Kolden of the University of Idaho insisted on her Fire Centennial Field Trip that her trippers stand while eating their lunches in the dark, cold, and foreboding entrance of a two-mile-long railroad tunnel redolent of freshly applied creosote, and

Whereas, for the first time in APCG history two field trips ended up at the same place at the same time—the previously referred-to railroad tunnel—but Harley Johansen's trippers got to eat sitting down in a warm restaurant in the town of Wallace, Idaho, because Harley wanted us to be near the Bordello Museum, and

Whereas, retired APCG loyalist Marvin Baker of the University of Oklahoma nearly ended up joining the wrong field trip at the tunnel, having gotten off track by dedicating himself to learning the names of all thirty-eight Montenegrans who, according to a sign near the tunnel entrance, had had their way with a bordello employee one particular evening, and

Whereas, John Abatzoglou of the University of Idaho refused to tell anyone how to pronounce his last name during the Presidential Plenary session, apparently the result of his parents refusing to tell him, either—he has always been simply "John A.," and

Whereas, finally, and...


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