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THE CONTRIBUTORS John michael has published Emerson and Skepticism: The Cipher of the World (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988), and is currently at work on a study of American fiction and the grounds of liberalism. bill brown is completing a study of "Recreation and Representation in America, 1880-1900." charles sherry is writing a book on Coleridge entitled The Poet as Magus: Coleridge and the Neoplatonic Tradition, and is also working on an essay on Rilke. Thomas B. BYERS is the author of What I Cannot Say: Self, Word, and World in Whitman, Stevens, and Merwin (University of Illinois Press, 1989. His work-in-progress, Ad Hominem, examines how various texts reinforce patriarchy by their address to men's fears and desires. Sharon groves is completing a study of feminist representations of women through feminist theories. SUBMISSIONS The Board of Editors invites the submission of articles offering theoretical , historical, and cultural approaches to the canonical and noncanonical texts of American literature. Contributors should consult this issue for style. Please submit two paper copies, or a 5 '/ยป-inch IBM-compatible floppy disk and one hard copy. If sending a disk, please designate the word processing program used. A self-addressed, stamped envelope should accompany all manuscripts. ...


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