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20th Pacific Science Congress, Bangkok, March 17-21, 2003

The 20th Pacific Science Congress "Science and Technology for Healthy Environments" was held on March 17-21, 2003, at the Sofitel Central Plaza Hotel in Bangkok. The meeting opened with welcoming remarks by Mr. Chirapandh Arthachinta, Secretary-General of the National Research Council of Thailand; Professor Thira Sutabutra, President of the Agricultural Society of Thailand; Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong, President of the Thai Academy of Science and Technology; and Professor R. G. Ward, President of the Pacific Science Association. The tone of the meeting was set by H. E. Suwit Khunkitti, Deputy Prime Minister of the Royal Thai Government, in his opening keynote address. Professor Montri Chulavatnatol, Secretary-General of the 20th Congress gave a report on the Congress.

The Congress was organized in three sub-themes: Natural Resource Challenges, Social Challenges, and Science & Technology Challenges. Each of these included numerous Symposia. Each morning a keynote address was delivered by a scientist or policy maker highlighting one of these symposium themes. The keynotes included:

  • • "The Unity of Science and Humanity: Lessons from Ancient Asian Science"
    Charus Suwanwela, Chairman
    University Council, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

  • • "Science for Sustainable Development: The Regions as Bridges between Local and Global Priorities"
    Thomas Rosswall, Executive Director
    UCSU, France

  • • "Environmental Influences on the Dispersion of Humans throughout the Pacific Basin"
    Patrick Nunn
    University of the South Pacific, Fiji

  • • "Problem Climates or Problem Societies?"
    Mickey Glanz
    National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA [End Page 337]

There were two addresses each on Thursday and Friday morning. They were:

  • • "Sustainable Development: The Role of the Science Council in Asia"
    Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman
    Academy of Sciences, Malaysia

  • • "Sustainable and Healthy Development: The Interface with Social Sciences"
    Kanchang Ngourungsi, Vice-President for Academic Affairs
    Naresuan University, Thailand

  • • "Sustainable and Healthy Development for the Poor: A New Social Contract for Science in the Asia Pacific Region for the 21st Century"
    Stephen Hill
    UNESCO, Jakarta

  • • "Women, Science and Sustainable Development"
    Lorraine Corner, Regional Economic Advisor

There were nearly 225 papers that were delivered, as well as numerous posters being displayed. The Symposia covered a wide array of topics which included:

  • • Energy

  • • Pollution and Waste Management to Tropical Wetlands

  • • Island Landscapes under Global Change

  • • Mangrove Invertebrates and Biodiversity

  • • Global Change

  • • Climate-related Extremes

  • • Human Dynamics

  • • Gender and Science

  • • Communication

  • • Plant Biodiversity

  • • Health Care

  • • Sustainable Science

Executive Board [2003-2007] (unanimously approved)

President: Professor Kiyoshi Kurokawa (Japan)

Vice-President: Dr. Mahendra Kumar (Fiji)

Secretary-General/Treasurer: Dr. Nancy Davis Lewis (USA)

Ordinary Members: Professor Chang-Hung Chou (China, Taipei)
Academician George B. Elyakov (Russia)
Professor Congbin Fu (China, Beijing)
Dr. Sung-Chick Hong (Korea)

Professor R. Gerard Ward (Australia) will continue to serve on the Board as immediate Past-President. [End Page 338]

Honorary Life Fellowships were awarded to Dr. Rebecca A. Stephenson (Guam) and Professor Sun Honglie (China, Beijing). The Herbert E. Gregory Medal, awarded by the Board of Trustees of the Bishop Museum, was given to Dr. Patrick D. Nunn (Fiji) in recognition of his distinguished service to science in the Pacific. The Shinkishi Hatai Medal, awarded by the Science Council of Japan, was given to Dr. Bernard Salvat (France) for his major contributions to marine biology in the Pacific.

The Chairs of the Task Forces and Committees briefly reported on their activities. New Chair announcements include Professor Leo W. H. Tan (Singapore) to the Committee on Communicating Science and Science Education; Dr. Michael Fitzsimmons (USA) to the Committee on Freshwater Sciences; and Dr. Michael Hamnett (USA) to the Task Force on Natural Disaster Reduction.

The next full Executive Board and Council meeting will be held in association with the 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress.


During the 10th Pacific Science Inter-Congress held at Guam in June 2001, the session "Globalization the Pacific and Asian Regions: New Perspectives in the 21st Century" was coordinated by PSA Task Force for Globalization and Human Dynamics co-chairs: Dr. Lanhung Chiang and Dr. Rebecca A. Stephenson. The session proceedings, "Global Processes, Local Impacts: The Effects of Globalization in the Pacific-Asia Region" has been published and edited by L.-H. Chiang, J. Lidstone, and R. A. Stephenson. The...


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