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160 Diaspora 9:1 2000 Western Diasporas, edited by Yvonne Haddad (Oxford UP), and "The Management of Desire: Sexuality and Marriage for Young South Asian Women in America" in Emerging Voices, edited by Sangeeta Gupta (New Delhi: Sage, 1999). André Levy is a Lecturer in Behavioral Sciences at the BenGurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel. His PhD dissertation from Hebrew University (1996) was entitled Jews Among Muslims: Perceptions and Reactions to the End ofCasablancan Jewish History. He is the author of "Playing for Control of Distance: Card Games Between Jews and Muslims on a Casablancan Beach," forthcoming in American Ethnologist; "Controlling Space, Essentializing Identities: Jews in Contemporary Casablanca" (City and Society, 1998); and ten other book chapters and articles on such topics as tourism and "pilgrimage" to Morocco among Moroccan-born Israelis and nostalgia and ambivalence in that same population. Khachig Tölölyan is Professor of English at Wesleyan University , co-editor of Pynchon Notes, and Editor oí Diaspora. He is the author of a book in hie native Armenian on the Armenian Diaepora, Spurki Mech ["In the Diaepora"] (Parie: Haratch P, 1980) and of variouB articlee on diaeporae and nationaliem. Pnina Werbner ie Reader in Social Anthropology at Keele Univereity in the UK. She ie the author of The Migration Process: Capital, Gifts and Offerings among British Pakistanis (Berg, 1990) and of the forthcoming Imagined Diasporas among Manchester Muslims: The Public Performance of Pakistani Transnational Identity Politics (New School of American Reeearch, 2001). Recent edited collections include Debating Cultural Hybridity and The Politics ofMulticulturalism in the New Europe, both co-edited with Tariq Modood (Zed Books, 1997); Embodying Charisma: Modernity, Locality and the Performance of Emotion in Sufi Cults, co-edited with Helene Basu (Routledge, 1998); and Women, Citizenship and Difference, co-edited with Nira Yuval-Davis (Zed Books, 1999). Her fieldwork on Sufi transnationale ie preeented in a forthcoming book, Geographies of Charisma and Living Sainthood in a Global Sufi Cult. She is currently conducting fieldwork on women and the changing public sphere in Botswana. Erratum On page 289 of William Safran'e review of Robin Cohen's Global Diasporas: An Introduction (U ofWashington P, 1997), published in Diaspora 8:3, two articles by Robin Cohen are mistakenly attributed to Joseph Cohen: "Diasporas and the Nation-State: From Victims to Challengers" (International Affairs 72 [1996]: 507-20) and "Rethinking 'Babylon': Iconoclastic Conceptions of the Diasporic Experience" (New Community 21.1 [1995]: 5-18). Diaspora regrets the error. ...


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