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Diaspora 9:3 2000 Notes on Contributors Kate Baldwin is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Her book Beyond the Color Line and the Iron Curtain: Reading Encounters Between Black and Red, 1922-1963 will be published by Duke University Press in 2002. She is the author of several articles that have appeared in the US and Morocco, including "Black Like Who? Cross-Testing the 'Real' Lines of John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me" (Cultural Critique, 1998). Suvir Kaul is Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of numerous articles and reviews, as well as of two books. The first, Thomas Gray and Literary Authority: Ideology and Poetics in Eighteenth-Century England, was published in 1992 by both Oxford University Press of New Delhi and Stanford University Press. The second, Poems of Nation, Anthems ofEmpire: English Poetry and NationalAspiration in the Long Eighteenth-Century (UP of Virginia, 2000), won the Walker Cowen Prize, biennially awarded to a scholarly manuscript in eighteenth-century studies. Kaul also guest-edited, with Ania Loomba, a special issue of the Oxford Literary Review titled "Introduction: Location, Culture, Post-Coloniality" (1994). Adam McKeown is currently at Northeastern University, but starting in January 2002 he will be an Assistant Professor of History at Columbia University in New York. He is the author of Chinese Migrant Networks and Cultural Change: Peru, Chicago, Hawaii, 1900-1936 (U of Chicago P, 2001) and of five articles on Chinese migrants, transnationalism, and diasporas, including "Conceptualizing Chinese Diaspora, 1842 to 1949" (Journal ofAsian Studies, 1999) and "Transnational Chinese Families and Chinese Exclusion, 1875-1943" (Journal ofAmerican Ethnic History, 1999). Antoine P├ęcoud is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. His BA thesis, written at the University of Lausanne, his native city, dealt with "Les Commerces sud-asiatiques de Lausanne." Since then, he has presented nine papers on such topics as Berlin's Turkish economy and unemployment, self-employment, and multiculturalism among German Turks. He published "Cosmopolitanism and Business: Entrepreneurship and Identity among German-Turks in Berlin" as one of the papers in the Transnational Communities Working Papers Series (2000). 463 Diaspora 9:3 2000 Victor Roudometof is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Gerontology at Miami University of Ohio. He is the author of Nationalism, Globalization and Orthodoxy (Greenwood P, 2001) and of Collective Memory, National Identity and Ethnic Conflict, which Praeger will publish in 2002. He is also the co-editor, with Paul Kennedy, of Communities Across Borders (Routledge, 2002) and, with M.F.G. Epitropoulos , of American Culture in Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Praeger, 1998), as well as the editor of The Macedonian Question: Culture, Historiography, Politics (East European Monographs of Boulder, Colorado, distributed by Columbia UP, 2000). ...


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