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OTHER BOOKS RECEIVED Airaldi, GabrieUa (Ed.). Europa tra oriente e occidente. (Genoa: Edizioni CulturaU InternazionaU Genova. 1992. Pp. 109. Paperback.) Alberigo, Giuseppe. Nostalgie di unità: Saggi di storia dell'ecumenismo. ["Dabar," Saggi di storia reUgiosa, 8.] (Genoa: Casa Editrice Marietti. 1989. Pp. 175. Lire 22,000 paperback.) AUen, Prudence, R.S.M. The Concept of Woman: The Aristotelian Revolution, 750 BC-AD 1250. (Grand Rapids, Mich.: WUUam B. Eerdmans Publishing. 1997. Pp. xxiv, 583. $35.00 paper.) Almagià, Roberto. Cristoforo Colombo:Visto da un geógrafo. Introduction and notes by Osvaldo Baldacci. (Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore. 1992. Pp. 199. Lire 50.000.) Anderson, Arthur J. O., and Susan Schroeder (Eds. and trans.). Codex Chimalpahin ,Vo\ume 1: Society and Politics in Mexico Tenochtitlan, Tlatelolco, Texcoco, Culhuacan, and other Nahua Altepetl in Central Mexico: The Náhuatl and Spanish annals and accounts collected and recorded by don Domingo de San Antón Muñón Chimalpahin Quauhtehuanitzin. [The Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol. 225.] (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 1997. Pp. vUi, 248. $45.00.) ApoUonios, Rhodios. TheArgonautika. Translated, with introduction, commentary , and glossary by Peter Green. (!Berkeley: University of California Press. 1997. Pp. xvi, 474. $60.00 cloth; $13.95 paperback.) Archivi (GU) economici a Roma. Fonti e ricerche:Atti delta giornata di studio . Roma, 14 dicembre 1993- [PubbUcazioni degU Archivi di Stato, Quaderni deUa Rassegna degU Archivi di Stato, 78.] (Rome: Ministero per i beni culturali e ambientaU, Ufficio centrale per i beni archivistici. 1997. Pp. 143.) Arnal,WUUam E., and Michel Desjardins (Fds.). Whose HistoricalJesus? [Studies in Christianity andJudaism,Vol. 7.] (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada:Wilfrid Laurier University Press for Canadian Corporation for Studies in ReUgion. 1997. Pp. vi, 337. $27.95 paperback.) Arrigoni, Rena. Casa Angelica: Arlene's Legacy. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. 1997. Pp. xvi, 122, 32 halftones. $21.95 cloth; $11.95 paper.) Askew, Reginald. Muskets andAltars:Jeremy Taylor and the Last of theAnglicans . (London: Mowbray,A CasseU imprint. 1997. Pp. xii, 212. $2995.) 181 182OTHER BOOKS RECEIVED Baker,BrendaJ.,and Lisa Kealhofer. Bioarchaeology ofNativeAmericanAdaptation in the Spanish Borderlands. (GainesviUe: University Press of Florida. 1996. Pp. xii, 232. $49.95 cloth.) Baldacci, Osvaldo: Roma e Cristoforo Colombo. (Florence: Leo S. Olschki Edit óte. 1992. Pp. 92. Lire 28.000.) Bannon, Edwin. Refractory Men, Fanatical Women: Fidelity to Conscience During the French Revolution. (Ridgefield, Conn.: Morehouse PubUshing. 1992. Pp. vüi, 219. $14.95 paperback.) Barthélémy, Dominique, O.P (Ed.). Documents 1. Sur la préparation et les vingt-cinq premières années, 2. Correspondance Schorderet-Python [Etudes et Documents sur l'histoire de l'Université de Fribourg/Suisse.] (Fribourg: Editions Universitaires. 1991. Pp. xxi, 396. S.Fr. 78,00 paperback .) Barthélémy, Dominique, O.P. (Td.). Idéologie etfondation, Etudes 1. [Etudes et Documents sur l'histoire de l'Université de Fribourg/Suisse.] GMbourg: Editions Universitaires, Universitätsverlag. 1991. Pp. xiü, 176. S.Fr.38,00 paperback .) Barthélémy Marie-Louise (JkL). Pierre-J. de Clorivière, Adélaïde de Cicé: Correspondance , 1787-1804. (Paris: Editions Beauchesne. 1993. Pp. 287. 180 FF paperback.) Batalden, Stephen K. Seeking God: The Recovery ofReligious Identity in Orthodox Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. GJeKaIb: Northern Illinois University Press. 1993. Pp. ix, 299. $32.00.) Bayme, Steven. Understanding Jewish History: Texts and Commentaries. (Hoboken, N.J.: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., in association with The AmericanJewish Committee. 1997. Pp. xvii,443. Paperback.) Beal, Timothy K., and David M. Gunn (Eds.). Reading Bibles, Writing Bodies: Identity and The Book. [BibUcal Limits.] (NewYork: Routiedge. 1997. Pp. xvi, 292. $62.50 cloth; $23.95 paper.) BeU, J. Bowyer. The Secret Army: The IRA. Revised Third Edition. (New Brunswick, NJ.transaction PubUshers. 1997. Pp. xx, 702. $26.95.) Bennett, WUUam J. (Ea). Our Sacred Honor: Words of Advice from the Founders in Stories, Letters, Poems, and Speeches. (New York: Simon & Schuster. 1996. Pp. 431. $25.00.) Besozzi, Leonida. ITestamenti di Federico Borromeo. [Accademia di San Carlo, MUano,Fonti e studi, 1.] (Milan: Nuove Edizioni Duomo. 1993. Pp. 151. Lire 30.000 paperback.) Bigongiari, Dino (Fd.). The Political Ideas ofSt. Thomas Aquinas: Representative Selections. (New York: The Free Press. 1997. Pp. xxxviii, 215. $15.95 paperback.) BUler, Peter...


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