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  • Journal of the History of Sexuality

Hubris and Hypocrisy, Incitement and Disavowal: Sexuality and German Fascism     3–21

Dagmar Herzog

Sexuality and Nazism: The Doubly Unspeakable?     22–66

Elizabeth D. Heineman

Backlash against Prostitutes' Rights: Origins and Dynamics of Nazi Prostitution Policies     67–94

Julia Roos

Homophobic Propaganda and the Denunciation of Same-Sex-Desiring Men under National Socialism     95–130

Stefan Micheler

Telling Sexual Stories in the Nazi Courts of Law: Race Defilement in Germany, 1933 to 1945     131–163

Patricia Szobar

Fascism and the Female Form: Performance Art in the Third Reich     164–200

Terri J. Gordon

Forbidden Company: Romantic Relationships between Germans and Foreigners, 1939 to 1945     201–222

Birthe Kundrus

Sex with a Purpose: Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Militarized Masculinity in the Third Reich     223–255

Annette F. Timm

The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler's SS and Police     256–290

Geoffrey J. Giles [End Page 716]

Victims, Villains, and Survivors: Gendered Perceptions and Self-Perceptions of Jewish Displaced Persons in Occupied Postwar Germany     291–318

Atina Grossmann

The Pink Triangle and Political Consciousness: Gays, Lesbians, and the Memory of Nazi Persecution     319–349

Erik N. Jensen

The Garment and the Man: Masculine Desire in Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies, 1764–1793     357–394

Elizabeth Campbell Denlinger

Bitches, Mollies, and Tommies: Byron, Masculinity, and the History of Sexualities     395–438

D. S. Neff

Officers, Gentlemen, "Man-Talk," and Group Sex in the "Old Navy," 1870–1873     439–456

B. R. Burg

"Sporty" Girls and "Artistic" Boys: Friendship, Illicit Sex, and the British "Companionship" Advertisement, 1913–1928     457–482

H. G. Cocks

Correcting Some Misconceptions about St. Augustine's Sex Life     545–569

Alan G. Soble

Randy on the Rand: Portuguese African Labor and the Discourse on "Unnatural Vice" in the Transvaal in the Early Twentieth Century     570–609

Ross G. Forman

"Syphilis, Opiomania, and Pederasty": Colonial Constructions of Vietnamese (and French) Social Diseases

Frank Proschan     610–636

White-Livered Widders and Bad-Blooded Men: Folk Illness and Sexual Disorder in Southern Appalachia

Anthony Cavender and Steve Crowder     637–649 [End Page 717]



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