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OTHER BOOKS RECEIVED Alberigo, Giuseppe (Ed.). Il Vaticano IF.fra atiese e celebrazione. [Istituto per Ie scienze reUgiose, Bologna, Testi e ricerche di scienze religiose, N.S., No. 13.] (Bologna: Società éditrice II Mulino. 1995. Pp. 250. Lire 30.00 paperback .) Alexander, Kay. Californian Catholicism. [The Religious Contours of California —Window to the World's Religions, Vol. 1.] (Santa Barbara: Fithian Press. 1993. Pp. 134. $9.95 paperback.) Alvis, Joel L., Jr. Religion and Race: Southern Presbyterians, 1946-1983- (Tuscaloosa: University ofAlabama Press. 1994. Pp. viii, 197. $19.95 paperback .) Angela of Foligno: Complete Works. Trans. Paul Lachance, O.F.M. [Classics of Western Spirituality] (Mahwah, N.J.: PauUst Press. 1993. Pp. xii, 424. $18.95 paperback.) Aritonang, Jan S. Mission Schools in Batakland (Indonesia), 1861-1940. [Studies in Christian Mission,Volume 10.] (New York: E.J. BrUl. 1994. Pp. xiii, 379. $108.75.) Barber, Malcolm. Crusaders and Heretics, 12th-14th Centuries. [Collected Studies Series.] (Brookfield, Vt.: Variorum, Ashgate Publishing Company. 1995. Pp. x, 289) Barbour, Hugh, Christopher Densmore, EUzabeth H. Moger, Nancy C. Sorel, Alson D. Van Wagner, and Arthur J. Worrall (Eds.). Quaker Crosscurrents: Three Hundred Years ofFriends in the New York Yearly Meetings. (Syracuse , N.Y.: Syracuse University Press. 1995. Pp. xxix, 432. $59.95 cloth; $19.95 paperback.) Bauman, Michael, and Martin I. Klauber (Eds.). Historians ofthe Christian Traditiow .Their Methodology and Influence on Western Thought. (NashviUe, Tenn.: Broadman and Holman. 1995. Pp. vi, 631. $49.99.) Becker,Marjorie. Setting the Virgin on Fire:Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán Peasants , and the Redemption of the Mexican Revolution. (Berkeley: University ofCalifornia Press. 1995. Pp. xix, 188. $45.00 cloth; $ 17.00 paperback.) Berg, Dieter (Ed.). Spiritualität und Geschichte: Festgabe für Lothar Hardick OFMzu seinem 80. Geburtstag. [Saxonia Franciscana, Band 2, Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sächsischen Franziskanerprovinz.] (Werl, Germany: Dietrich -Coelde-Verlag. 1993. Pp. xiii, 277. 49.80 DM paperback.) Bernardino de Sahagún. Primeros Memoriales. FacsimUe Edition. (Norman: 398 OTHER BOOKS RECEIVED399 University of Oklahoma Press in Cooperation with the Patrimonio Nacional and the Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid. 1993. Pp. 190, 176 color facsimiles. $ 160.00.) Black, Nancy Johnson. The Frontier Mission and Social Transformation in Western Honduras:The Order ofOur Lady ofMercy, 1525-1773- [Studies in Christian Mission,Volume 14.] (Leiden: EJ. BrUl. 1995. Pp. xni, 194.) Bono,James J. The Word of God and the Languages ofMan: Interpreting Nature in Early Modern Science and Medicine; Volume 1: Ficino to Descartes. [Science and Literature.] (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 1995. Pp. xi, 317. $50.00 clothbound; $22.95 paperback.) Boyer,John W Culture and PoUtical Crisis in Vienna: Christian Socialism in Power, 1897-1918. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1997. Pp. xvi, 702. $24.95 paperback.) OriginaUy published in 1995 and reviewed by James Shedel ante, LXXXIII (January, 1997), 121-122. Bradleyjames E., and Richard A. Müller (Eds.). Church History.An Introduction to Research, Reference Works, and Methods. (Grand Rapids, Mich.:WiUiam B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. 1995. Pp. xvi, 236. $1900 paperback.) Burnett, Amy Nelson. The Yoke of Christ: Martin Bucer and Christian Discipline . [Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies,Vol. 26.] (KirksvUle,Mo.:The Sixteenth CenturyJournal. 1994. Pp. xii, 244. $35.00.) Butler's Lives of the Saints, January. New full edition, revised by Paul Burns. (CollegeviUe, Minn.: The Liturgical Press. 1995. Pp. xxxii, 224. $24.95) Caraman, PhUip, SJ. A Study in Friendship:Saint Robert Southwell and Henry Garnet. [Series 4: Studies onJesuit Topics, No. 16.] (Saint Louis: Institute of Jesuit Sources. 1995. Pp. xii, 124. Paperback.) Caspers, Charles, Gerard Lukken, and Gerard Rouwhorst (Eds.). Bread of Heaven: Customs and Practices Surrounding Holy Communion. [Essays in the History of Liturgy and Culture, No. 3·] (Kampen, Netherlands: Kok Pharos PubUshing House. 1995. Pp. 271. 65.00 DU. paperback.) Chenaux, Philippe. Paul VI et Maritain: Les Rapports du "Montinianisme" et du "Maritainisme." [Istituto PaoloVI, Saggi 3·] (Brescia and Rome: Edizioni Studium. 1994. Pp. 120. Lire 25.00 paperback.) Chêne, Catherine. Juger les vers: Exorcismes et procès d'animaux dans le diocèse de Lausanne (XV-XVF s.). [Cahiers Lausannois d'Histoire Médiévale , No. 14.] (Lausanne: Section d'histoire de l'Université de Lausanne. 1995. Pp...


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