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Journal of the History of Sexuality 11.4 (2002) v-vi

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Editors' Note:
Barbara Loomis and William N. Bonds

Call for Papers

GUEST EDITORS Lesley A. Hall (Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine) and Julian Carter (Draper Program, New York University) invite proposals for a special issue of the Journal of the History of Sexuality on "Studying the History of Sexuality: Theory, Methods, Praxis." Proposals may be submitted electronically (by e-mail attachment) to Julian Carter at or to Lesley A. Hall at lesleyah@ The deadline for submitting completed manuscripts is 31 October 2004.

In this issue JHS seeks to represent the best current thinking about major conceptual and practical issues at the heart of our professional practice. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

The relations of the history of sexuality to other fields within history:

  • women's/gender history
  • lesbian/gay/transgender history
  • history of childhood/child rearing/education
  • "age studies" and ideas of the life cycle more generally
  • colonial and postcolonial studies
  • political history/history of the state
  • legal history
  • history of medicine/science/technology
  • demographic history

The relations of the history of sexuality to and the influence upon it of:

  • queer theory
  • feminist theory
  • literary criticism
  • ethnology/anthropology
  • geography and spatial relations
  • developments in the social sciences
  • developments in the life sciences
  • activism [End Page v]

Methodological approaches and problems:

  • theorizing premodern sexualities
  • using participant observation and community membership as sources of data (e.g., the intersection of ethnographic methods and oral history)
  • locating and interpreting medical sources
  • locating and interpreting legal and/or governmental sources

The position of the scholar in history of sexuality:

  • past and current employment, research, and educational opportunities for sexuality scholars—who gets hired, where, with what job descriptions (i.e., are many historians of sexuality "passing" as something else? independent researchers? etc.)
  • teaching and mentoring within secondary and postsecondary contexts
  • the expansion of electronic media and its implications for sexuality scholarship

We would also be interested in analyses of the reasons why certain issues get constituted as central to inquiries about particular time-place fields (e.g., homosexuality and sexology in late-nineteenth-century Europe; race and prostitution in early-twentieth-century North America; eugenics and reproduction in colonial India).

We welcome contributions from employed and independent scholars in all geographical and temporal subfields and of any disciplinary affiliation.

Call for Reviewers

We invite you to help maintain the high standards of the Journal of the History of Sexuality by adding your name to our list of expert reviewers to referee manuscripts for potential publication and to review recently published books. To add your name to our list, please send your current academic affiliation and/or contact information (including an e-mail address if possible) and the topic areas in which you feel qualified to review to Barbara Loomis, History Department, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132 or by e-mail to




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