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The Loan Childhood is the loan from which we draw our lease of life. No creed of Freudian dogma holds the mystery of this; how from such a seed (O innocent homunculus) evolves the thing we are. Then comes the wonder of still another mystery; how in that ancient eden of innocence and delight grew the haunting image of what we might have been. -Joseph Harris June in Hinton June is seismic with chicory, the roadside blue as burning moonshine, a gauntlet of lapis sparks. Cicadas begin their dulcimer drone, sunset lights the magnesium ribbon of the New, clouds forget themselves. Every evening huge bowls of wilted lettuce, applesauce thickening on the stove, pea-shelling on the porch, Rhine wine lifted to dusk. White water fills our temples, rushing prehistories of jade. Summer mists down chicory-petal, skies dissolving along the mountaintops. The horizon is a gentle coupling. -Jeff Mann 70 ...


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