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Editor's Comment We would like to invite the readers of SAF to attend American Fiction: A Bicentennml Symposium on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston, October 15-16, 1976. The subject of the symposium will be devoted to an evaluation of the development of American fiction from its beginnings to the present and of its contributions to our cultural heritage. The speakers will include Harrison T. Meserole on Early American Fiction, Milton R. Stern on Romantic Fiction, Joseph Katz on Realistic Fiction, Donald Pizer on Naturalistic Fiction, Linda W. Wagner on Modern Fiction, Melvin J. Friedman on Contemporary Fiction, Darwin Turner on Black Fiction, John Cawelti on PopularCulture and American Fiction, Viola Hopkins Winner on The Visual Arts and American Fiction, Daniel Aaron on Critical Perspectives on American Fiction, and Ronald Sukenick on American Fiction: the State of the Art. For housing and registration information please contact the editor of SAF before September 1. ? ? ß It is my sad duty to announce the death of Ruth Sullivan, a member of the Editorial Board of SAF and of the English Department of Northeastern University. Ruth had been on the board of SAF since its founding in 1972 and had served with true dedication, reading manuscripts in modern fiction as well as those which attempt a psychological approach to literature. At the time of her death she was a fellow at the Center for the Psychological Study of the Arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo working under Norman Holland. In the English Department at Northeastern she taught the Modern Novel and the Psychological Novel in addition to supervising the program for graduate assistants. The loss of her wisdom, her humanity, and her gentle humor diminishes us all. She was 42. ? O « It is a pleasure to acknowledge the assistance over the past year of several students who have served with patience and ability in many arduous tasks related to the production of SAF. Laura Dunn, an SAF Graduate Fellow, has borne the responsibility of handling subscriptions with impressive ability, and Rhonda Cato, Editorial Assistant, has kept the office functioning with her labour and good spirit. For their efforts, and for their enduring affability, we express our sincere appreciation. J.N. ...


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