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  • Research on Deafness
  • Doctoral Dissertations     230

  • Gallaudet University Dissertations and Theses     232 [End Page 229]

Doctoral Dissertations

Experiences and Training Needs of Deaf and Hearing Interpreter Teams. Bentley-Sassaman, Jessica. 146 pages. (EdD, Walden University, 2011). AAT 3434053.
A case study of a teacher implementing guided reading in a deaf classroom. Jeffries, Richard Lee, Jr. 136 pages. (PhD, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010). AAT 3412871.
A comparison of deaf/hard of hearing and hearing young adults' responses to a health risk behavior survey. David, Tamala Miyako. 294 pages. (PhD, New York: University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2010). AAT 3411159.
A descriptive phenomenological study of symptoms of schizophrenia in deaf clients. Mompremier, LaNina. 185 pages. (PhD, District of Columbia: Gallaudet University, 2010. AAT 3393921.
A grounded theory of deaf middle school students' revision of their own writing. Yuknis, Christina Marie. 286 pages. (PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, 2010). AAT 3409886.
Analyzing treatment effectiveness in deaf clients who use a signing versus nonsigning therapist. Storch, Amy N. 125 pages. (PhD, Walden University, 2010). AAT 3427695.
An examination of health information management by the Deaf. Karras, Elizabeth. 71 pages. (PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2010). AAT 3407908.
A study of the learning styles of middle and high school deaf and nondeaf students in public education. Agar-Jacobsen, Roberta J. 98 pages. (PhD, Capella University, 2010). AAT 3423811.
Cognitive effort and perception of speech by postlingually deafened adult user of cochlear implants. Alkhamra, Rana Anas. 147 pages. (PhD, Michigan State University, 2010). AAT 3435283.
Collaborative, multimedia solutions for improving educational access for deaf and hard of hearing students . Cavender, Anna C. 143 pages. (PhD, University of Washington, 2010). AAT 3421543.
Comparison of Annie Sullivan's teaching strategies for literacy and communication to the current outcome performance indicators in deaf-blindness: An exploratory mixed-methods study . Pevsner, Diane. 122 pages. (PhD, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2010). AAT 3407818.
Cultural themes across generations: Exploring changes in lived experiences of six Deaf individuals. Diener, Nancy McFarlin. 186 pages. (D.Ed., University of Minnesota). 2010. AAT 3434251.
Deaf community mobilization in Uruguay. Lockwood, Elizabeth. 242 pages. (PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health, 2010). AAT 3417527.
Deaf people, modernity, and a contentious effort to unify Arab sign languages. Al-Fityani, Kinda. 227 pages. (PhD, University of California, San Diego, 2010). AAT 3432469.
Disassociating maturation and language development: Evidence from internationally adopted and deaf children. Geren, Joy Celeste. 159 pages. (PhD, Harvard University, 2010). AAT 3414730.
Distributing attention across the face: Effects of deafness and sign language experience. Letourneau, Susan M. 152 pages. (PhD, Brandeis University, 2010). AAT 3403338.
Effectiveness of a computer-based syntax program in improving the morphosyntax of students who are deaf/hard of hearing. Cannon, Joanna E.. 101 pages. (PhD, Georgia State University, 2010). AAT 3411021.
Embodied language: Deaf Theory, visual poetics, and American Modernism. Sanchez, Rebecca. 235 pages. (PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2010). AAT 3407943.
Evaluating employment outcomes of adults who are deaf and hard of hearing. Hartmann, Eva Ayers. 161 pages. (EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2010). AAT 3425015.
Exploring the ancestral roots of American Sign Language: Lexical borrowing from Cistercian Sign Language and French Sign Language. Cagle, Keith Martin. 274 pages. (PhD, The University of New Mexico, 2010). AAT 3409321.
Facilitating communication for deaf individuals with mobile technologies. Summet, Valerie Henderson. 175 pages. (PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010). AAT 3414524.
Identification of effective strategies to promote language in deaf children with cochlear implants. Cruz, Ivette. 97 pages. (PhD, Nova Southeastern University, 2010). AAT 3409976. [End Page 230]
Identities of becoming: Interviewing Asian deaf immigrants in America. Law, Christine Faith. 244 pages. (D.Ed., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010). AAT 3422476.
Improving the efficacy of automated sign language practice tools. Brashear, Helene M. 212 pages. (PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010. AAT 3425069.
Influences of working memory and audibility on word learning in children with hearing loss. Stiles, Derek Jason. 184 pages. (PhD, The University of Iowa, 2010). AAT 3409470.
Lexical processing during naming in children with cochlear implants. Wechsler-Kashi, Deena. 99 pages. (PhD, City University of New York, 2010). AAT 3426894...


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