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Contributors POETRY/FICTION/PHOTOS ROBERT COLES teaches African-American literature at Hampshire College. His poetry has appeared in Obsidian II, Bottomfish, and Maryland Review. JAY RUBEN DAYRIT is currently Artist-in-Residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts. S.K. DUFF's poems have been published in many magazines and periodicals , and he is the recipient of a Poetry Center Award and a PEN American Foundation Grant. MAGGIE JAFFE is art editor of Fiction International. Her publications include How the West Was One, and 2492: What is It Like to Be Discovered ? JOANNYOLANDA HERNÁNDEZbeganwriting melodramaticlove stories at 17. She recently received an M.A. from the University of San Francisco. AMITAVA KUMAR has recently published a book of poems, No Tears for the NRI . The photos in this issue are part of a forthcoming book called "Passport Photos." WARREN LEHRER's work includes GRRRHHHH: A study ofsocial patterns , french fries, versations., and Denial of the Fittest. He also co-produces The whole k'Cuffin World Report for Pacifica Radio. ESSAYS/SYMPOSIUM THEODORE W. ALLEN is an independent scholar who has previously worked as a coal miner, mail handler, engineering draftsman, teacher and librarian. He is author of The Invention of the White Race (Verso). REBECCA AANERUD is a Ph.D. candidate in English at the University of Washington. Her dissertation examines the figure of the white liberal in U.S. fiction and film. TIM BRENNAN, at the Society of Fellows at Cornell this year, has just published At Home in the World: Cosmopolitanism Now (Harvard, 1997). MICHAELBÉRUBÉ'smostrecentbook is Lifeas WeKnow It (Pantheon, 1996). 254the minnesota review NANCY J. BUFFINGTON is a Ph.D. candidate in American literature at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation looks at the rhetoric of democracy and race in the works of Robert Montgomery Bird. ROSS CHAMBERS teaches at the University of Michigan, and is contemplating a book (Loiterature) that will address the tradition of the flaneur, realism, and contemporary cultural studies. PETER A. CHVANY is a graduate student in American literature at Tufts University, where he is specializing in critical race theory and multicultural literature since 1865. JESSE DANIELS teaches sociology at Hofstra University and is the author of White Lies (Routledge). NICHOLAS M. EVANS is finishing his Ph.D. in English from the UTAustin . His essay, "Racial 'Cross-Dressing' in theJazzAge," appears in Hop on Pop: The Pleasures and Politics ofPopular Culture (Duke). MARY M. GALLUCI is a Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies at the University ofConnecticut, and currently completing a dissertation onfigurations of witchcraft and illicit sexuality. JOHN GARVEY works in the office ofAcademic Affairs at CUNY. He is co-editor and co-founder of Race Traitor: Journal ofthe New Abolitionism , and co-editor of Race Traitor (Routledge). CAMILLA GRIGGERS teaches in the Literature and Cultural Studies Program atCarnegie Mellon University. Her book on the despotic face of white femininity is forthcoming from Minnesota. MIKE HILL is associate editor of the minnesota review. NOEL IGNATIEV is the author of How the Irish Became White (Routledge), co-founder and co-editor of Race Traitor: Journal ofthe New Abolitionism, and co-editor of Race Traitor (Routledge). STEPHEN P. KNADLER, Assistant Professor of American Literature at Spelman College, is currently completing a manuscript called "Racial Compromises: Individualism and the Narrative of Whiteness." WILLIAM J. MAXWELL teaches American lit at University of Illinois. JEFFREY MELNICK's first book is A Right to Sing the Blues: African Americans, Jews, and Cultural Power (Harvard). Contributors255 GREGORY MEYERSON is currently completing a book, The Difference Class Makes: Marxism, Moral Realism, and American Literature. SCOTT MICHAELSEN teaches at UT-El Paso and is currently working on a book concerning the foundation of the social sciences in early nineteenth-century America, a section of which appears in ALH. DIANE NEGRA, a Ph.D. candidate in radio, television, and film at the UT-Austin, is completing a dissertation, "Hollywood Film and the Narrativization of the Ethnic Feminine." JIM NEILSON currently teaches at Charleston College. His book, Warring Fictions: Warring Fictions and the Vietnam War Novel, is forthcoming from U of Mississippi P. ANNALEE NEWITZ, a Ph.D. candidate at the UC-Berkeley, is co-editor of White Trash...


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