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Warren Lehrer (with Charlie) Everything's White oh i sleep in a nice soft bed i should sleep in a tree i draw little pictures on pieces of white paper i should smear berries on your flesh i make nice with my father on the phone i should scream Lehrer31 in his fucking face everything's white and i'm sick of it! I take showers in white stalls i should stand naked in the rain 32the minnesota review i drink from a plastic glass and wonder how can this be? i should slice open coconuts with a machete and suck out all the pulp I take a cab to the train station i should swing from branches tree to tree i make believe that i'm cool i should beat Lehrer33 my fists against my chest then fingernail my signature into the heart of a rock everything's white 34the minnesota review and i'm Sl Lehrer35 ck of it! ...


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