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14the minnesota review that my chest is big and that my arms are strong and that my skin is smooth as Chinese silk. It doesn't matter how he looks, wouldn't me and not to him. What does matter is how safe I'd feel in his arms, how warm, how beautiful. But thislate atnight in the dark of my room, thatfeeling all too easily slips away, like someone's long-ago name on the tip of my tongue. One breath, and it's gone. And I'm left with a loneliness so great I feel so much more than alone. I feel invisible . Only the quiet beating of my heart reminds me I'm still here. S.K. Duff I Wanna One On One Wit Jesus When My Man Done Make Me Blue If I dies before I wakes— I want black orchids at my funeral: exotic flower with three petals, enlarged lip, black; like those worn behind the ear of Billie Holliday... And then I wanna come back and feel life from my feet on up hushed puppy tired, but still able to dance all night long I wanna be wanted like coffee and chocolate, and named for my beauty like Mahalia or Gwendolyn wit no white namin' of Mindys' or Muffys'— ain't a black woman ever deserved such a curse. Duff15 ...To produce a place for my passion for eaten' and luvin' and babies (lot of em'), and for the residue of my talents to pour from lungs and brow when singin' to a God or a man (ain't nobody ever needed that bad). I wanna see people's opinions of me change in my lifetime, and then I want my own sitcom too. I wanna heritage that didn't start at Plymouth Rock or Stonewall but in a land with earth blacker than my skin and greens that ain't collared. I wanna grow from bein' Colored to bein' a Negro and finally Black; and then live forever and ever on better than a box of pancake mix. ...


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