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NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSORS OF HEBREW In American Institutions of Higher Learning OFFICERS ADVISORY COUNCIL FORMER PRESIDENTS FouDder: EasterD RegloD: RAYMOND A. BOWMAN ABRAHAM I. KATSH SHMUEL BOLOZKY University oCChicago Professor Emeritus University oC Massachusetts M1SHAEL CASPI Dropsie University CARL F. EHLE,1R. Bales College New Yorlt University Berkshire Christian College CARL E. EHLE, JR. EUGENE T. FISHER Bertshire Christian College PresideDt: SecrelariatofCatholic- CHARLES T. FRITSCH PAMELA J. SCALISE Jewish Relations Princeton Theological Fuller Theological Seminary JACOB KABAKOFF Seminary Lehman College, CUNY EMMANUEL GREEN IRVIN LEHMAN HoCstra University Executive Vice PresideDt: Eastern Mennonite College JACOB KABAKOFF GILEAD MORAHG AARON UCHTENSTEIN Lehman CoUege. CUNY University ofWisconsin Baruch College, CUNY ABRAHAM I. KATSH MOSHEPELLI Professor Emeritus University oCCentral Florida Dropsie University Vice PresideDt: New Yorlt University SHMUEL BOLOZKY G. IRVIN LEHMAN University oC Massachusetts Eastern Mennonite College CeDtral RegioD: SHLOMO MARENOF REUBEN AHRONI University oC Detroit Methodology CODrereDce Ohio State University ISRAEL T. NAAMANI EDWARD GOLDMAN University oC Louisville CoordiDator: Hebrew Union College TOYfYOJ W. NAKARAI EDNA AMIR COFFIN TIMOTHY HADLEY Emmanuel School oC University ofMichigan Lubbock Christian University Religion JOHN J. OWENS JOHN J. OWENS Southern Ba~lisl Southern ~tist NAPH Archivist: Theological eminary Theological eminary CECIL R. WHIlE JONATHAN PARADISE DAVID RUDAVSKY SL Patrick's University oC Minnesota New Yode University Theological Seminary KEITH N. SCHOVILLE EISIG SILBERSCHLAG University oC W'tseonSin University oCTexas Editor or Hebrew Studies: WRl.ARD W. WINTER PAGE H. KELLEY Cincinnati Bible Seminary Baptist Theological Scminary Z10NYZEVIT at Richmond University oCJudaism ALBERTT. BILGRAY WesterD ReBioD: University oC Arizona KEITH N. SCHOVILLE Editor or Hebrew Higher GARY ARDINO University ofWisconsin Golden Gate Baptist Education: Theological Seminary ZEVGARDER ADINAOFEK ROBERT L. CATE Los Angeles Valley College Jewish Theological Seminary Oklahoma State University J. KENNETH EAKINS Golden Gate Baptist J. KENNE1H EAKIN Theological Seminary Editor of Iggeret: Golden Gate Baptist GILEAD MORAHG ZEVGARBER Theological Seminary University oCWisconsin BRUCE ZUCKERMAN Los Angeles University oC Southern J. GORDON HARRIS Valley College California North American Baptist Seminary Eta Beta Rho CoordlDator: Immediate Past President: DAVID W. BAKER EDNA AMIR COFFIN Ashland Theological Seminary University ofMichigan ...


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