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PERIODICALS AND COLLECTED ESSAYS Compiled by David Marcus and Cynthia L. Miller HEBREW LINGUISTICS I BALSHANUT cIVRIT. Volume 45 (November 1999). All articles in Hebrew with English abstracts. Esther Borochovsky and Pnina Trumer, "From Formal-Syntactic Study to Semantic-Syntactic Study: The Scientific Achievements of Eliezer Rubinstein," pp. 5-36; Luba Charlap, "On Some Types of Ambiguity in the Biblical Text: A TextualSemantic Aspect Seen through the Exegesis of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra," pp. 37-52; Maika Muchnik and Hadassa Kantor, "Personal Titles in UltraOrthodox Communication," pp. 53-60; Dorit Ravid, "Derived Nominals in Modem Hebrew: A Morphological Analysis:' pp. 61-78; Isaiah Shen, ".After strangling him. she quickly lay down on the floor': Important Infonnation Units in Literary Texts," pp. 79-94. Book reviews by Efraim Nisan of J. E. Hoch. Semitic Words in Egyptian Texts 0/the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period and D. Sivan and Z. Cochavi-Rainey, West Semitic Vocabulary in Egyptian Script 0/the 14th to the 10th Centuries BCE. pp. 95-100. HEBREW LINGUISTICS I BALSHANUT cIVRIT. Volume 46 (March 2(00). All articles in Hebrew with English abstracts. Michal Ephratt. "Defmition of the Hebrew Root," pp. 5-54; Ron Kuzar, "'a!rei hama'amin' and Similar Constructions in the Different Phases of Hebrew." pp. 55-68; Zohar Livnat, "Punctuation as a Rhetoric Means." pp. 69-80; Maya Fruchtman, "Language-Literature; Literature-Language: Intentions and Deeds." pp. 81-88. Book review by Nasir Basal of The Dawn 0/ Hebrew Linguistic~The Book of Elegance of the Language of the Hebrews by Saadia Gaon; Introduction and Critical Edition by Aron Dotan, pp. 89-95. Book review by Dalia Cohen-Gross ofGidon Avraham.A Bridge o/Words. pp. 97-98. HEBREW LINGUISTICS I BALSHANUT cIVRIT. Volume 47 (June 2(00). All articles in Hebrew with English abstracts. Noga IIani. "Internal Object in Modem Hebrew," pp. 5-19; Keren Dubnov. "Synthetic and Hebrew Studies 41 (2000) 366 Periodicals and Collected Essays Analytic Possessive Pronouns Related to Nouns in Spoken Hebrew:' pp. 21-26; Nissan Netzer, "'Barosh shelcha Iitfos rosh tovT-On the Semantic Development of the word 'Rosh' (Head) in 'Popular' Hebrew," pp. 27-38; Edit Doron, "The Passive Participle," pp. 39-62; Galia Hatav, "Time Movement in Biblical Hebrew," pp. 63-84; Bruria Margolin, "On the Punctuation of Focalized Sentences in Hebrew," pp. 85-92. Book review by M. Z. Kaddari of Yaakov Bentolita and Aharon Komem, Concordance to Nathan Alterman's "Shirim Shemi/evar," pp. 93-96. MODERN HEBREW LITERATURE. Volume 24 (Spring/Summer 2(00) Volume topic: Looking Backward. An editorial by Gershon Shaked, p. 2. Moshe Shamir, "On the Near and the Far," pp. ~. Excerpts from the novel. Moshe Shamir, "The Bridal Veil," pp. 4-9; Dan Tsalka, "A Thousand Hearts," pp. 9-12; Shulamit Lapid, "Gai Oni," pp. 13-16; Itamar Levy, "ZeJig Maintz and His Longings for Death," pp. 17-22; Yitzhak Ben-Ner, "Protocol," pp. 23-27. A story by Haim Hazaz, "He Ordained," pp. 28-31. Poems. Aharon Shabtai, "To My Friend," p. 32; Hanoch Levin, "This Is a Wonderful Hour," "I Thought That with Us It Would Be Different," p. 33. Book reviews. Arnold Band of Haim Be'er's The Pure Element o/Time, pp. 34-35; Rachel Furstenberg of Alona Kimchi's Weeping Susannah, pp. 35-37; Emily Miller Budick of Aharon Appelfeld's The Ice Mine; All that I have Loved; The Story 0/a Life, pp. 38-40; Lily Rattock of Judith Katzir's Inland Lighthouses, pp. 40-41; Yigal Schwartz of Eyal Megged's Early Grace, pp. 42-43; Eli Hirsch of Edna Mazya's An X-Ray Burst, pp. 43-44. The Labour of Reading: Desire, Alienation and Biblical Interpretation. Fiona C. Black, Roland Boer, and Erin Runions, eds. Semeia Studies 36. pp. xii + 317. Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature, 1999. Paper. Eighteen essays in honour of the retirement of Robert C. Culley follow a Preface and Appreciation of the honoree by the editors and a bibliography of his writings. Part 1. Pleasurable Labour/Laborious Pleasure. Francis Landy, "Seraphim and Poetic Process," pp. 15-34; Fiona C. Black, "What is My Beloved? On Erotic Reading and the Song of Songs...


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