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PERIODICALS AND COLLECTED ESSAYS compiled by David Marcus LITERARY STRATEGIES: JEWISH TEXTS AND CONTEXTS. Ezra Mendelsohn, ed. Studies in Contemporary Jewry, An Annual. Volume XII. pp. xiv + 385. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. Cloth, $55.00. Part 1. Symposium. Literary Strategies: Jewish Texts and Contexts. Liliane Weissberg, "Dramatic History: Reflections on a Biblical Play by Ludwig Robert," pp. 3-20; Bryan Cheyette, "Englishness and Extraterritoriality: British-Jewish Writing and Diaspora Culture," pp. 2139 ; Michael Stanislawski, "Jabotinksy as Playwright: New Texts, New Subtexts," pp. 40-54; David G. Roskies, "Rabbis, Rebbes and Other Humanists: The Search for a Usable Past in Modem Yiddish Literature," pp. 55-77; Marcus Moseley, "Between Memory and Forgetfulness: The Janus Face of Michah Yosef Berdichevsky," pp. 78-117; Chone Shmeruk, "The Frankist Novels of Isaac Bashevis Singer," pp. 118-128; Ruth R. Wisse, "Language as Fate: Reflections on Jewish Literature in America," pp. 129-147; Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, "The Grapes of Roth: 'Diasporism' Between Portnoy and Shylock," pp. 148-158. Part 2. Essays. David Rechter, "Autonomy and Its Discontents: The Austrian Jewish Congress Movement, 1917-1918," pp. 161-184; Joseph Heller, "Jabotinsky's Use of National Myths in Political Struggles," pp. 185-201; Arthur Aryeh Goren, "Pageants of Sorrow, Celebration and Protest: The Public Culture of American Jews," pp. 202-218. Part 3. Review Essays. H. M. Daleski, "Literary Representations of 'the Jew',It pp. 221-227; Chone Shmeruk, "The Perils of Translation: Isaac Bashevis Singer in English and Hebrew," pp. 228-233; Noah Lucas, "Democracy in Israel: Proven Yet Precarious," pp. 234-243; Hillel J. Kieval, '''Fantasy' and 'Reality' in Modem Antisemitism," pp. 244-250; Mitchell Cohen, "Imaginary Jews and Jewish Imagination," pp. 251-258; Benny Kraut, "American Antisemitism, BlackIJewish Relations: A Matter of Perspective," pp. 259-273. Plus book reviews, recently completed doctoral dissertations, and obituary notices. LITERARY STRUCTURE AND RHETORICAL STRATEGIES IN THE HEBREW BIBLE. L. J. de Regt, J. de Waard, and J. P. Fokkelman, eds. Pp. x + 270. Assen: Van Gorcum, 1996. Cloth, $45.00. "In the present volume, rhetorical as well as structural approaches to the Hebrew Bible have been brought together. It contains studies on a range of Hebrew Studies 39 (1998) 280 Periodicals and Collected Essays topics and on a good many texts and textual corpuses." (from Preface). Foreword by T. Muraoka and epilogue by J. de Waard. I. Studies on Topics. J. Magonet, "Character/Author/Reader. The Problem of Perspective in Biblical Narrative," pp. 3-13; K. E. Bailey, "Inverted Parallelisms and Encased Parables in Isaiah and Their Significance for Old and New Testament Translation and Interpretation," pp. 14-30; P. C. Beentjes, "Discovering a New Path of Intertextuality: Inverted Quotations and Their Dynamics," 31-50; L. J. de Regt, "Discourse Implications of Rhetorical Questions in Job, Deuteronomy and the Minor Prophets," pp. 51-78; L. J. de Regt, "The Order of Participants in Compound Clausal Elements in the Pentateuch and Earlier Prophets: Syntax, Convention or Rhetoric?" pp. 79-100; H. Van Dyke Parunak, "The Discourse Implications of Resumption in Hebrew "~~-Clauses: A Preliminary Assessment from Genesis," pp. 101-116; D. T. Tsumura, "Coordination Interrupted, or Literary Insertion AX&B Pattern, in the Books of Samuel," 117-132. II. Studies on Texts. Ellen J. van Wolde, "The Text as an Eloquent Guide: Rhetorical, Linguistic and Literary Features in Genesis 1," pp. 134151 ; J. P. Fokkelman, "Genesis 37 and 38 at the Interface of Structural Analysis and Hermeneutics," pp. 152-187; L. M. Eslinger, "Knowing Yahweh: Exod 6:3 in the Context of Genesis I-Exodus 15," pp. 188-198; J-C. Margot, "La structure du cortege d'Israel autour de Jericho d'apres Josue 6," pp. 199-210; L. E. Boadt, "Mythological Themes and the Unity of Ezekiel," pp. 211-231; Y. Gitay, "Psalm I and the Rhetoric of Religious Argumentation," pp. 232-240. III. Epilogue. J. de Waard, "Hebrew Rhetoric and the Translator," pp. 242-251. PROBLEMS IN BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF ROLF KNIERIM. Henry T. C. Sun and Keith L. Eades, eds. pp. xvi + 403. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1997. Cloth, $49.00. Twenty-four essays follow a preface by Henry T. C. Sun, a foreword by James M. Robinson, and a biographical narrative...


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