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Hebrew Studies 31 (1990) 197 Reviews presumably stands for "of blessed memory"). Finally, the bibliography, to which the extensive textual notes make frequent reference, is arranged in an apparently haphazard fashion that is only partially alphabetical. Overall, despite occasional idiosyncrasies such as those noted here and the limited size of their potential audience, both of these are valuable works which will make their important subjects accessible to a serious audience who may not be specialists in these fields. Frederick E. Greenspahn University 0/Denver Denver, CO 80208-0292 DIE EHRE EINER FRAU IN ISRAEL: EXEGETISCHE UND RECHTSVERGLEICHENDE STUDIEN ZU DEUTERONOMIUM 22,13-21. By Clemens Locher. Orbis biblicus et orientalis 70. pp. xviii + 464. Freiburg Schweiz: Universitlitsverlag I G


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