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Editor's Notes The Very Reverend Michael Mayne, Dean of Westminister, has announced that Robert Herrick will be one of the first poets included in a new memorial window in Poet's Corner. The memorial will take the form of a roundel of glass and will probably include the inscription "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, / Old Time is still a flying." Taking the initiative to have Herrick memorialized in Westminster Abbey was the Herricks & Beaumanor Society. The Society has been asked to raise funds to help support the Herrick memorial. Anyone wishing to contribute can send a check (US dollars are OK), made out to the Herricks & Beaumanor Society, to Mr. B.C. Bryan, Treasurer, Herricks & Beaumanor Society, 235 Forest Road, Woodhouse, Leicestershire, England LE12 8TZ. Checks and any correspondence may also be sent to Prof. Roger Rollin, Department of English, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634. Several recent publications may be of particular interest to readers of the George Herbert Journal. Edmund Miller's George Herbert's Kinships: An Ahnentafel with Annotations (Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 1993. ? + 190 pp. $19 paper) is an exhaustive list of Herbert's ancestors going back to the tenth generation. One of the purposes of the book is, in Miller's words, to illustrate "how close-knit a class the literary gentry was in Herbert's day by particularly noting his consanguinities with literary and religious figures." To facilitate this, Miller includes brief biographical entries on all ancestors and a variety of indexes, giving alphabetical listings of ancestors and consanguines broken down into categories such as "Religious Figures," "Literary Figures," and "Historical Figures." The book may be ordered directly from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Suite 300, Bowie, Maryland 20716. The Penguin Classics series of "SelectedEnglish Poets" has added volumes on Herbert and Traherne. John Tobin's edition of Herbert's Complete English Poems (New York: Penguin Books, 1991. xxx + 460 pp. $11.95 paper) actually includes much more than the title indicates. Along with the poems from The Temple, the excluded poems from the Williams manuscript, and the sonnets from Walton, the volume 90Editor's Notes also includes A Priest to the Temple, Walton's Life ofHerbert, and a brief selection of "Additional English Poems" (to Bacon and to the Queen of Bohemia) and Latin poems with translations. The texts are in modern spelling (using the 1633 edition of The Temple as the base text for the poems), and Tobin includes a brief introduction but over 125 pages of helpful notes. Alan Bradford's edition of Traherne's Selected Poems and Prose (New York: Penguin Books, 1991. xxii + 380 pp. $11.95 paper) goes a long way toward addressing a perennial problem of studying Traherne: accessibility. Good scholarly texts exist, but Traherne has been slow in trickling down to anthologies used in classes, and anyone wanting to do more than survey a few key poems has been at a severe disadvantage. This is remedied by Bradford's affordable volume, which includes the poems from the Dobell folio, Poems of Felicity, a few additional poems from other sources, and a generous selection of the prose (and poetry) from Centurks ofMeditations. All texts are in modern spelling, and Bradford includes 60 pages of notes, in the form of brief essay-like commentaries on each of the selections. IfTraherne remains underappreciated and infrequentlytaught, at least it will no longer be because his poems are not easily available. The Editor would like to thank the following people for editorial advice on recent issues of the GHJ: Diana TreviƱo Benet, John Ottenhoff, and Jonathan F.S. Post. ...


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