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Vol. IV, 196451 REVIEW OF THE XVIII ANNUAL MEETING The eighteenth annual meeting of the Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers was held on Nov. 25th and 26th, 1963, on the campus of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Thirty-two colleges or universities in the nine states of the division plus Wisconsin, Indiana, and Arkansas were represented by the 117 registrants. After words of welcome by Dr. Robert S. Avery, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Harry J. Klepser, Head, Department of Geology and Geography, University of Tennessee, a full program of papers occupied the two days. A banquet terminated the meeting. Dr. Arthur H. Robinson, President, Association of American Geographers, addressed the banquet on the subject, "Revolutions in Cartography." PROGRAM Monday, November 25, 1963 8:30- 9:30 A.M. Registration ____ ...._ Geology & Geography Ruilding 9:30- 9:45OPENING SESSION ____ 203 Geology & Geography Building Presiding: Paul H. Siseo, Chairman, Southeastern Division, Association of American Geographers Welcome: Dr. Robert S. Avery, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Tennessee Dr. Harry J. Klepser, Head, Department of Geology and Geography , University of Tennessee Announcements 9:50-10:30THE AMERICAS ............ 203 Geology & Geography Building Presiding: James R. Anderson, University of Florida "The Pine Savanna Between the Rios Guayape and Paulaya in Northeastern Honduras" Edmund E. Hegen, University of Florida "San Vito de Java: A Foreign Agricultural Colony in Costa Rica" UIv Masing, University of Florida 10:30-10:45Break 10:45-12:00THE AMERICAS (Continued) "An Analysis of the Canadian State" Robert B. Gould, Morehead State College "Ore from the Wilderness" C. L. Blair, University of Florida "The Juneau Icefield and Its Research Program" Rolf Wesche, University of North Carolina 52The Southeastern Geographer 1:30- 3:00 P.M. SOUTHERN STUDIES SESSION ______ Geology & Geography Building Presiding: J. Sullivan Gibson, University of North Carolina "Growth and Development of Raleigh, N. C." C. Pathak, University of North Carolina "Traffic Flow in the Atlanta Nodal Region" James E. Lewis, University of Georgia "Selected Unique Urban Nodules on Route-Ways" T. E. Epperson, Jr., Appalachian State Teachers College "The Dying Village" J. F. Hart, Indiana University 3:30- 3:15Break 3:15- 4:40PHYSICAL-STATISTICAL _________ 203 Geology & Geography Building Presiding: H. C. Amick, University of Tennessee "A Graphical Analysis of the Classical Concept of Grade in a River Profile" Wm. C. Found, University of Florida "Some Comparisons Between Tidal and Non-Tidal Meander Patterns" Carl Hill, University of Georgia "Some Quantitative Differences in Piedmont Morphology" James F. Woodruff, University of Georgia "On Estimating the Importance of Regional Variations" Maurice H. Yeates, University of Florida 7:30- 8:40EUROPE-ASIA-AFRICA .... 203 Geology & Geography Building Presiding: John D. Eyre, University of North Carolina "Some Recent Changes in Manufacturing in Northern Ireland" Arnold Siniard, Memphis State University "Urbanization in Greece: Causes and Implications" John Baxevanis, The City College of New York "The Role of the Economic Region in Soviet Russia" Richard E. Lonsdale, University of North Carolina 8:40- 8:50Break 8:50- 9:50EUROPE-ASIA-AFRICA (Continued) "The Historical and Geographical Aspects of the India-China Border Conflict" Ray Y. Gildea, Auburn University "The Density of Population in Southeast Asia: Problems in Spatial Variation" William A. Withington, University of Kentucky "The New Valley Project: A Study in the Development of the Western Desert of Egypt" Alfred R. Pannbacker, Florida State University Vol. IV, 196453 Tuesday, November 26, 1963 8:00- A.M.University of Tennessee Alumni Breakfast 9:30-10:45THE SOUTHEAST _____ 203 Geology & Geography Building Presiding: James F. Woodruff, University of Georgia "Patterns of Diversification in Southern Agriculture" James A. Shear, University of Georgia "Strip Mining in Anderson County, Tennessee" Ronald E. Yarborough, University of Tennessee "Multiple Land Use Interactions in the Ocala National Forest" Richard Witmer, University of Florida "Cold Wave Patterns of Lexington, Kentucky and Orlando, Florida" J. R. Schwendeman, University of Kentucky 10:45-11:00Break 11:00-12:15THE SOUTHEAST (Continued) "The Relationship of Population and Employment in Selected Urban Places in Eastern North Carolina" R. A. Stephenson, East Carolina College "The Geography of Fredericksburg, Virginia" Samuel T. Emory, Jr., Mary Washington College "Regional Planning and Development in Georgia: A New...


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