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A Rahman Tang Abdullah is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of History and Civilization, International Islamic University Malaysia. His main focus of research interest is the modern history of Malaysia.

W. G. Miller has an M.Phil. in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Hull. He was Senior Librarian, Southeast Asian Studies at the Australian National University from 1974 to 1997 and is currently a Visiting Fellow in the School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University.

Philip R. Rivers is a Canadian who retired in the Cameron Highlands after a varied career in Southeast Asia from 1951 when an Assistant Superintendent in the Singapore Police. Qualified as a Master Mariner, he has been a naval reservist, lecturer in Nautical Studies at the Singapore Polytechnic, and a nautical surveyor. He has given talks and written on Malay culture, maritime history, the Emergency, the Japanese campaign. marine insurance fraud, etc. A number of articles and reviews have appeared in JMBRAS, The Beam Magazine (Singapore), The Nautical Institute (London) with several on Zheng He, including 'Footprints in the Sea' as a dedicated issue of The Globe (Australia) (2006) and "1421" Voyages: Fact and Fantasy (Perak Academy, 2004).

Jan van der Putten is Associate Professor at the Department of Malay Studies of the National University of Singapore, where he teaches Malay Literature. His research interests lie in traditional Malay writing, and popular forms of expression in Malay, such as in magazines, comics and films. His recent publications include Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World (co-edited with Mary Kilcline Cody). Singapore: NUS Press (2009), and 'Negotiating the Great Depression: The rise of popular culture and consumerism in early-1930s Malaya', Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 41(1) (February 2010): 21–45. [End Page 129]



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