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Vincanne Adams. Doctors for Democracy: Health Professionals in the Nepal Revolution. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 1998. xii + 251 pp. Ill. $64.95.
Paul Aebersold. Biotechnology Backstage. Rockville, Md.: Kabel, 1998. 224 pp. $24.50 (softcover) (AAHM members, $19.60).
Andrew R. Aisenberg. Contagion: Disease, Government, and the “Social Question” in Nineteenth-Century France. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1999. vii + 238 pp. $45.00.
America: History and Life. Annual index, vol. 35, no. 5, 1998. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-Clio, 1999. iii + 587 pp. No price given (paperbound).
Jonathan Andrews. “They’re in the Trade . . . of Lunacy / They ‘Cannot Interfere’ — They Say”: The Scottish Lunacy Commissioners and Lunacy Reform in Nineteenth-Century Scotland. Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine Occasional Publications, no. 8. London: Wellcome Trust, 1998. 108 pp. £8.00 (paperbound).
Jonathan Andrews, Helen Bartlett, and John Stewart, eds. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Health, Illness and Health Care Provision in Britain since the Seventeenth Century: Discussion Papers. Oxford: Schools of Humanities and Health Care, Oxford Brookes University, 1998. 95 pp. £6.99 (paperbound).
Ludwig Aschoff. Vergleichende Völkerpathologie oder Rassenpathologie: Tagebuch einter Reise durch Rußand und Transkaukasien. Susan Gross Solomon and Jochen Richter, eds. Neuere Medizin- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Quellen und Studien, no. 7. Pfaffenweiler, Germany: Centaurus, 1998. xi + 215 pp. Ill. DM 59.00 (paperbound).
Rudolph M. Bell. How To Do It: Guides to Good Living for Renaissance Italians. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999. xiii + 375 pp. Ill. $25.00.
Alessandro Benedetti. Historia corporis humani sive Anatomice. Intro., trans., and ed. by Giovanna Ferrari. Biblioteca della Scienza Italiana, no. 21. Florence: Giunti, 1998. 365 pp. L 55,000.00 (paperbound).
Jean-Pierre Bénézet. Pharmacie et médicament en Méditerranée occidentale (XIIIe–XVIe siècles). Sciences, techniques et civilisations du moyen âge à l’aube des lumières, no. 3. Paris: Honoré Champion, 1999. 794 pp. Tables, graphs. Fr. F. 580.00.
Marco Beretta, Claudio Pogliano, and Pietro Redondi, eds. Journals and History of Science. Biblioteca Nuncius, Studi e Testi, no. 32. Florence: Leo S. Olschki, 1998. vii + 268 pp. Ill. L 54,000.00 (paperbound).
Christine Böttcher. Das Bild der sowjetischen Medizin in der ärztlichen Publizistik un Wissenschaftspolitik der Weimarer Republik. Neuere Medizin- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Quellen und Studien, no. 4. Pfaffenweiler, Germany: Centaurus, 1998. 325 pp. DM 68.00 (paperbound).
Robert Bud, Bernard Finn, and Helmuth Trischler, eds. Manifesting Medicine: Bodies and Machines. Artefacts: Studies in the History of Science and Technology, vol. 1. Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers, 1999. xviii + 180 pp. Ill. $24.00 (softcover).
John C. Burnham. How the Idea of Profession Changed the Writing of Medical History. Medical History, Suppl. no. 18. London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1998. xi + 195 pp. Ill. $50.00 (U.S.A.); £32.00 (worldwide).
James H. Capshew. Psychologists on the March: Science, Practice, and Professional Identity in America, 1929–1969. Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 1999. xii + 276 pp. Tables. $59.95 (cloth), $19.95 (paperbound).
Cartilla de Seguridad Social, no. 4, January–July 1998. Facultad Nacional de Salud Pública Héctor Abad Gómez, 35 Años, Centro de Estudios de Seguridad Social, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia. Medellin, Colombia: Universidad de Antioquia, 1998. 79 pp. Annual subscription: $20.00 (in U.S.); each issue: $5.00 (paperbound).
Roger Cooter, Mark Harrison, and Steve Sturdy, eds. War, Medicine, and Modernity. Phoenix Mill, Gloucestershire, U.K.: Sutton, 1998. vi + 258 pp. Ill. $82.95; £45.00.
James Crighton. Büchner and Madness: Schizophrenia in Georg Büchner’s “Lenz” and “Woyzeck.” Bristol German Publication, vol. 9. Lewiston, N. Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 1998. x + 315 pp. $99.95.
Robert Cunningham III and Robert M. Cunningham, Jr. The Blues: A History of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield System. DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 1997. xii + 311 pp. Ill. $36.00.
Angela D. Danzi. From Home to Hospital: Jewish and Italian American Women and Childbirth, 1920–1940. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1997. xiii + 200 pp. Ill. $41.50.
Armelle Debru and Guy Sabbah, eds. Nommer la maladie: Recherches sur le lexique gréco-latin de...

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