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Del director Readers will be pleased to be holding in their hands the longest issue in the history of this journal - and its shortest Del director. Our Guest Editor Pedro Sánchez-Prieto Borja started working on this issue's Critical Cluster almost two years ago, discussing with us its scope and theoretical aims, working up a long list of potential contributors , narrowing that list down to some of the most powerful and well informed voices in Hispanomedievalism, soliciting their contributions , and helping to mold their essays into the agile and eloquent assembly presented here. His editorial labors have been unflagging and wise, warmly collaborative and yet exacting. The insights gathered into this Cluster grow out of solid currents of traditional scholarship (Joaquín Rubio Tovar, Inés Fernández-Ordónez), and at the same time break new ground in the responsible assessment of the traditional canon (Sánchez-Prieto) and metrical constraints (Juan Carlos Conde). There are highly perceptive studies ofknotty landmark works (Joaquín González Cuenca, Leonardo Funes y Felipe Tenenbaum, Margherita Morreale), and explorations of the frontiers of editing print editions (José Manuel Lucía Megias). Even the problems of editing implicitly bilingual works are sensitively examined (María Morras). I am also proud of the fact that after several years of striving to encourage the full participation ofcolleagues outside the United States, we are publishing an issue whose only American-based entry is these humble paragraphs of admiration. La corónica is pleased to host an increasingly international dialogue with rotating leadership from all corners of the globe and profession. The senior editorial staffjoins me in congratulating the current Guest Editor and welcoming others to propose future Critical Clusters of their own design. ? ? ? As always, the Editor stands in the particular debt of certain individuals who generously contribute their time and expertise to La corónica. They invest great effort in bringing us timely news, evaluating and critiquing submissions, and offering sound advice on editorial policy. They include most recently Samuel G. Armistead Vincent Barletta Anne Clark Bartlett Aníbal Biglieri Anthony J. Cárdenas-Rotunno Dwayne Carpenter Juan (Jarlos Conde Ivy A. (Jori!s Federico Corriente (iene DuBois Steve Dworkin Daniel Eisenberg John England Noel Fallows Philip Gericke Michelle Hamilton Michael Harney Francisco Hernández Gregory S. Hutcheson Olga Impey Gregory Kaplan Mary Jane Kelley Richard Kinkade Steve Kirby Benjamin Liu Consuelo López-Morillas José Manuel Lucia Megias Nancy Marino Alberto Montaner Diego Navarro Bonilla Paul Brian Nelson Cliff Roberson Martha Schaffer Peter Schweighofer Dayle Seidenspinner-Núñez R. Roger Smith Joseph T Snow Michael Solomon Louise O. Vasvári Thomas Walsh Barbara Weissberger Otto Zwartjes lohn Zemke The whole editorial team joins me as well in expressing our gratitude to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Kansas without whose continued financial support this journal could not continue. George Ü. Greenia College of William & Mary ...


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