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Southeastern Geographer Vol. XXXIV, No. 1, May 1994, pp. 69-71 REPORT OF THE HONORS COMMITTEE Janet E. Kodras Criteria for the special awards presented by the Honors Committee can be found in the Southeastern Geographer, Vol. 28 (1988), pp. 51—52. 1993 RESEARCH HONORS AWARD Robert E. Lloyd The University of South Carolina The SEDAAG Research Honors Award is presented to scholars with a significant record of quality research and intellectual leadership in the discipline. This year, we honor Robert E. Lloyd at the University of South Carolina. Bob Lloyd began his academic career some twenty years ago and during the past two decades has developed a consistent and impressive record of research and publication . He has published some thirty articles in major geography journals around the world, investigating different facets of behavioral geography that has influenced both geography and related disciplines. His work has focused most specifically on cognitive processes and symbolization in cartography, an area in which he is recognized as a leading authority. Through the years, Professor Lloyd has set high standards for himself and his students, inspiring irrthem the research ethic that has guided him through his career. In addition, he has received a number of research grants to support his study of cognitive processes, most recently from the National Science Foundation. Based on an impressive accumulation of scholarly contributions to the literature, commitment to developing the research etìiic in students, and an on-going research agenda that places him on the cutting edge in cognitive studies, the Southeastern Division is pleased to present the 1993 Research Honors Award to Robert E. Lloyd. 1993 OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD James O. Wheeler The University of Georgia The SEDAAG Outstanding Service Award recognizes those amongst us who demonstrate exceptional commitment to geography through their service for the Dr. Kodras is Professor of Geography at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306. 70Southeastern Geographer benefit of others. In presenting this year's award to James O. Wheeler, we honor a strong record of commitment and formally recognize years of very hard work. In the realm of service, Jim Wheeler is perhaps best known for influencing the presentation of geographic research to the larger community of scholars, serving as co-editor of Urban Geography since 1980, editor of Southeastern Geographer since 1992, and as editorial board member for both The Annals and The Professional Geographer. Over the years, Jim Wheeler has been very active in the NCGE and the AAG, at both the national and regional division levels. He served as President of the East Lakes Division, just prior to transferring to the University of Georgia in 1971, whereupon he was immediately elected Vice President of the Southeastern Division. Since then, he has served as SEDAAG President and as the Southeastern regional representative to the AAG Council. Wheeler has been just as active within his own university and department, most notably as Department Head from 1975-1983 and as the Merle Prunty Jr. Professor of Geography since 1985. Over a span of three decades, Professor Wheeler has guided the professional development of an inordinately large number of students , serving as advisor to more than thirty graduate students and as a committee member for almost fifty. Given this extensive record of contributions to the discipline, from the national to the departmental levels, the Southeastern Division is pleased to present the 1993 Outstanding Service Award to James O. Wheeler. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Karl B. Raitz The University of Kentucky The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest, and rarest, honor given in the Southeastern Division. Over the years, only two individuals have received this award and both of them lived outside the Division. This year, we bring the award back home to honor one of our own. The Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers is proud to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Karl Bennett Raitz. Born in Minnesota and educated at the University of Minnesota, Karl Raitz joined the University ofKentucky Geography Department in 1970, where he has since remained. It has been said that Karl Raitz fell in love with the bluegrass the moment he set foot on it, and it is to the benefit ofus all that he...


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