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Books Received [the minnesota review welcomes proposals for reviews of these and other recent books, as well as ofjournals, significant articles, publishers' catalogs or programs, book series, conferences, novels, poetry,films, television, advertising, and other venues ofcultural and intellectual bearing. For reviews, we much prefer overviews to reports on spedfic books. For examples, checkout the review-essays in this and past issues.—Jeffrey J. Williams, Editori Abelove, Henry. Deep Gossip. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 2003. Apostolidis, Paul and Juliet A. Williams, eds. Public Affairs: Politics in the Age ofSex Scandals. Durham: Duke UP, 2004. Cottom, Daniel. Why Education Is Useless. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, 2003. Culler, Jonathanand KevinLamb, eds.Just Being Difficult?: Academic Writing in the Public Arena. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2003. Denning, Michael. Culture in the Age of Three Worlds. New York: Verso, 2004. Dudziak, Mary L., ed. September 11 in History: A Watershed Moment? Durham: Duke UP, 2003. Edwards, Brent Hayes. The Practice ofDiaspora: Literature, Translation, and the Rise ofBlack Internationalism. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2003. Farred, Grant. What's My Name? Black Vernacular Intellectuals. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 2003. Fraiman, Susan. Cool Men and the Second Sex. New York: Columbia UP, 2003. Freedman, Diane P. and Olivia Frey, eds. Autobiographical Writing Across the Disciplines: A Reader. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. Freeman, Jo. At Berkeley in the '60s: The Education ofan Activist, 1961-1965. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2004. Goodyear, Sara Suleri. Boys Will Be Boys: A Daughter's Elegy. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2003. Gould, Eric. The University in a Corporate Culture. New Haven: Yale UP, 2003. Guignon, Charles and David R. Hiley, eds. Richard Rorty. New York: Cambridge UP, 2003. Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich and Michael Marrinan, eds. Mapping Benjamin: The Work ofArt in the Digital Age. Stanford: Stanford UP, 2003. Heffernan, Kevin. Ghouls, Gimmicks, and Gold: Horror and the American Movie Business, 1953-1968. Durham: Duke UP, 2004. Hill, Mike. After Whiteness: Unmakingan American Majority. New York: NYU P, 2004. Hogan, Patrick CoIm. Empire and Poetic Voice: Cognitive and Culture Studies of Literary Tradition and Colonialism. Albany: SUNY P, 2004. Holloway, Karla FC. Passed On: African American Mourning Stories. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. 284 the minnesota review Johnson, Barbara. Mother Tongues: Sexuality, Trials, Motherhood, Translation. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2003. Kirp, David L. Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2003. Lee, Richard E. Lifeand Times ofCultural Studies: ThePolitics and Transformation ofthe Structures ofKnowledge. Durham, Duke UP, 2003. Lehman, Daniel W. John Reed & the Writing ofRevolution. Athens: Ohio UP, 2002. Levin, Richard. Looking for an Argument: Critical Encounters with the New Approaches to the Criticism ofShakespeare and his Contemporaries. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2003. McDaniel, Patricia A. Shrinking Violets and Caspar Milquetoasts: Shyness, Power, and Intimacy in the United States, 1950-1995. New York: NYU P, 2003 Newfield, Christopher. Ivy and Industry: Business and the Making of the American University, 1880-1980. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. Ohmann, Richard. Politics of Knowledge: The Commercialization of the University, the Professions, and Print Culture. Middletown: Wesleyan UP, 2003. Oilman, Berteli. Dance of the Dialectic: Steps in Marx's Method. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2003. Price, Leah. The Anthology and the Rise ofthe Novel: From Richardson to George Eliot. New York: Cambridge UP, 2000. Raskin, Jonah. American Scream: Allen Ginsberg's Howl and the Making ofthe Beat Generation. Berkeley: U of California P, 2004. Robinson, Lillian S. Wonder Women: Feminisms and Superheroes. New York: Routledge, 2004. Roediger, David R. Colored White: Transcending the Racial Past. Berkeley: U of California P, 2002. Saldaña-Portillo, MaríaJosefina. TheRevolutionaryImagination in theAmericas and the Age ofDevelopment. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. Salih, Sara and Judith Butler, eds. TheJudith Butler Reader. Maiden: Blackwell Publishing, 2004. Szeman, Imre. Zones of Instability: Literature, Postcolonialism, and the Nation. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2003. Taylor, Charles. Modern Social Imaginarles. Durham: Duke UP, 2004. Villarejo, Amy. Lesbian Rule: Cultural Criticism and the Value of Desire. Durham: Duke UP, 2003 Wertheim, Albert. Staging the War: American Drama and World War II. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2004. Yudice, George. The Expediency of Culture: Uses of Culture in the Global Era. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. ...


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