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61 Matt Zambito Let Us Come Together from Bill Clinton's second inaugural address, found in sequence Affairs will define our character for decades to come. We must keep our promise, America. America became longed for, opened, deepened by extending the drcle of dignity. Women spread to form a more perfect union. We vowed to clear our nation. In these four years, we have been touched. Our economy, families, communities, educational opportunities, environment—problems now bend over, flexible enough to face our common dreams. Our values do more, not less. All Americans—coming behind locked doors and shuttered windows, taking time out to serve others—embrace America. Will we all come together, or come apart? America's constant obsessions cripple, and we will not succumb. We shall overcome, and we shall feel one another. Great rewards will come to those who can live together, bind together. We can already see broad outlines. Americans, as we look back can we avoid the stained legacy? Answer "Yes" and parents will have time to play together at their kitchen table. Everyone will celebrate in my office. No, nothing big ever came from being small. ...


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