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43 John Poch Thomas Kinkade's Traveling Museum Comes to Lubbock I. Original (Painter of Light) In Picasso's Guernica, a ghostly figure— fire behind—lifts a torch with the shape of light, but no light, to the center of the painting. II. Masters Edition The word "marketing" has the word ART in it. Do you like anagrams? Also, you will find MAR, MARKET, MAKE, MARK, RAKE, RAM, RAT, TEAR, TAKE, TAME, NAME, GAME and a host of other aggressive verbs. Do you like to play games? You'll have to fill out an application. ??. Studio Proof Painting titles of West Texas locales you won't see from Thomas Kinkade: Sfinì: Creek Road Farwell Shallowwater Plainview Levelland Muleshoe Sand Red Mud Dimmitt Needmore Savage Bovina Lubbock (Most of the streets running North-South in Lubbock are named for other cities.) 44 the minnesota review IV. Renaissance Edition Do you think someone stood up in a piazza with a bell and a scroll, proclaiming: Dear Citizens, Hello and welcome to the Renaissance? Now, like a demon phoenix almost the size of America, the birth of marketing arises from the death of art, conveyor belt scroll in one claw the size of all Kinkade's reproductions put together, large bell jar in the other terrible talons. Jesus said, you must be born again, but he meant into something better. Or was it Rilke, whose mother made him wear a dress? V. International Proof The so-called group of death, Group F, referred to World Cup play last year. Yet, these paintings... VI. Publisher's Proof A Master Highlighter Event is an 8-hour personal stage appearance by a certified Thomas Kinkade Master Highlighter. At the event, a highlighter enhances images of the gallery's choice. Pieces explode with dimension and are brought to life with a stroke ofthe master highlighter's brush. This is a unique opportunityfor the collector to interact with highlighters and learn more about Thomas Kinkade's art. Master Highlighters are hand-picked and have worked on Studio Proofs. They also have graduatedfrom Thomas Kinkade 101 and have interesting biographical information about their own successes in the art world. Poch 45 VII.Gallery Proof Outside Thoughtfulness Shop II, Fox River Grove, Illinois, Celebrating a Decade ofLight Thomas Kinkade's handsome, bushy, four-foot visage airbrushed on the side of his bus the size of a covered bridge emerges from a nimbus with an infinite edge like Moses come down from the mountain ledge. Thomas Kinkade took on the brushname Robert Girrard to experiment with artistic freedom. Robbed of your art? Robed, you sure are. Robber in our yard. Raw, purr, O heart. VIII.Artist Proof If I could paint my wife, who in a fever on our honeymoon, woke and said, "What's your explorer name? Mine's Shut Throat," I would. I would paint her naked and sad, posed before the door of our first apartment in Lubbock, the porch light dusty and dead over her shoulder. If I could paint her neck, her throat, her shoulder with the blue reflected from the shocked pool light bouncing off the cracked courtyard walls around us, I would. IX.Standard Numbered Entering the ninth circle of hell, Dante says: Hell's regal standards advance toward us in numbers. ...


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