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37 Terri Witek Color Fortunes for Gary Bolding Caterpillars in oak tress think flying is green. Blue on the face means blue on the bottom. If you color your lips, your words will do battle. If you color your toes, you'll find directions confusing. Because all colors lie, paint with ears open. Because all colors lie continuously, alarm clocks help no one. When asked to identify colors, don't incriminate yourself. Ifyou paint lean colors over fat ones, children go hungry. If you paint fat colors over lean ones, the sex will be excellent. Clothes are colors with people inside them. If you're gentle with colors, they'll think you're not trying. Ifyou disagree with a color, the war will be glorious. If you can't swim, colors won't save you. If you don't dream, colors offer their life jackets. If you dream in color, colors know what you know. ...


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