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28 the minnesota review Bob Hicok Defining Terms from and for Doug Glover It would be a faux pas if I suddenly started to think in sailing metaphors. A green book I have in a pile of not green books contends a metaphor is saying one thing is something else. I'm not sure what the metaphor is in the sentence, Paul is striking his head against the edge ofthe table, but if I read the green book improperly and I do, Paul is a metaphor for regret that he did not kiss a woman named Margaret while kissing a woman named Sarah. As of today, Margaret is Paul's best perfumed metaphor for divorce while Sarah is his least favorite metaphor for the woman with whom he had an affair and hears is doing well in New York selling the liquorinfused fudge made by Trappist monks. I try to comfort him by offering that if he keeps striking his head in a steady rhythm, I'll play along with the flute and we'll call our band Closed Head Injury but the humor in this and the unlikelihood that I brought my flute to a divorce are lost on him and the blood with which his forehead is by now having a conversation. The problem about conversing with blood is you can't keep the conversation to yourself and soon the papers Hicok 29 which say the man named Paul will no longer touch in private realms and to distraction the woman named Margaret are stained by the conversation with blood and this of all the day's flat tires makes him cry. At this point Paul is a simile for a man doomed to graze the fields of long-necked beer bottles for say the next infinity years while crying with the deep grinding sound that would exist in space if physics wasn't a stickler for details because stars too are divorced from each other. I'm trusting the green book on this and that it would be wrong to suddenly say his love is a ship or the ship a boat or the boat a dinghy because I have never said his love is anything but the best and only sea in his life. And the whisper of this sea being gone, my responsibility as a friend is to cheer for his head on each stroke to land harder. 30 the minnesota review The Resolution I told myself for a month I'd masturbate whenever I saw a picture of Marilyn Monroe because I never found her sexy or tragic so why not try to find her sexy or tragic after all I had to make myself floss at first and at first I didn't like yogurt or green beans I could be missing so much in my perpetual state of non-Marilynarousal little did I know the first time I'd see her picture after my resolution was in the Dairy Bar in Charleston West Virginia along with Cigar magazine and small soaps borrowing the physique of larger soaps have you ever tried to masturbate while Don Johnson stares at you from the cover of Cigar magazine I have and while wondering why so many cities close at six and where all the people have gone and the businesses and hats I miss hats this is the reverse of a premonition having been born long after the Great American Hat Frenzy so there I am holding myJohnson while Don Johnson stares if you didn't see that coming get a spoon and perform Hicok 31 a home lobotomy and no I couldn't because like I said I don't find her sexy or tragic what I feel when I see her face is that America must have been one large breast all things were possible the cars were shark-finned the bees were radioactive and then she died and Kennedy died and Ed Sullivan died and Elvis died and the moon died and Americans became sad people in big houses or sad people in tall offices or sad people masturbating to pictures of a dead woman with their pants around the ankles like...


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