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8 the minnesota review Karin J Green If Chickens Had Schedules or, The Memo Recently I have noticed an alarming and flagrant individuality in the egglaying behaviors of the chickens of this household. It contributes to inefficiency and ineffectiveness, and I want your cooperation in righting this wrong. What behaviors am I referring to? None other than: (1) not using the designated egg-laying roost areas, but using window wells, dog houses, and other as-yet-unknown locations; (2) egg proportions exceeding egg carton dimensions; and (3) inconsistent productionofthe daily egg. Each day, egg collectors are wasting valuable time, wandering the yard, trying to locate eggs and then trying to fit the oversize eggs into standard egg cartons. This will not be tolerated. From now on, chickens will follow the egg-laying schedule posted in the chicken coop. This chart outlines standard egg-laying locations, standard egg size, and standard time schedules for delivery. I know I can count on your full compliance. Sit tall and deliver; together we can make a difference . ...


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