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52 the minnesota review Mike Mee ...Georgetown, for Drinks "... revolting, but such a sad story, don't you think?" "He comes back and the guy is still stuck in the window..." "... never could have worn it to the last one." "Entitlements? That's great. That's just great. Me too." "So the second Irishman says we brought a gift..." "... letting them marry before he dies." "He thinks what am I supposed to do, offer to help?" "... see right through it. Probably think I'm a Democrat." "But it's the kind of work that makes you feel good, right?" "... to keep our memory fresh in your hearts..." "A couple of years, maybe, with that AZT stuff..." "So he warns him that it's loaded, and hollers don't move\" "No. I was still lobbying for Bechtel back then." "... too busy for golf, but you adjust, I suppose." "Then the third Irishman says..." "Fourteen. Eight when he got it, I think. By transfusion!" "... but the dumb bastard gets loose and breaks for the door." "Nothing, with this. Maybe a black demi." "... responsibility for the use of critical resources." "And it's set to go offat midnight!" "... only chance. The girl? Sixteen, I think." "So he shoots." "... backless. Then I thought why not?" "... fair to the taxpayer to just give it to the unemployed?" "Never knew what hit them." "... parents are crazy, of course, but it's hardly their fault." "No, just wounded him. Winged him good, though." "... could always resort to band-aids, ..." "I know, I know, forty percent or something..." "No, that was at Brighton. After the Horseguards." "... when the locals firebombed the house." "First he calls his lawyer, then the cops." "... but then I thought flaunt 'em!" "I still say they could if they'd just try." "...just like India, for God's sake." Mee 53 "... lift ?finger for the ones that spread it." "Turns out he's wanted in five states. Florida, for one." "... real sense of freedom. And the boss loved it." "The same thing all the way down. No foundation at all." "... no democratic tradition, there or Ireland." "... blessing if it kills them all." "... more outstanding warrants than Willie Horton." "Never. Especially since that silicone study came out." "... basic restructuring." "... call an Indian who speaks all their languages?" "... brought it on themselves. What are we supposed to do?" "Jail ." "... lots you can do, with just the basics." "Even the liberals admit it." "No, apoly-wog!" "Oh, you've got to do something, I suppose." "... set the bail good and high." "So I just decided to do something about my posture." "Eliminate theirfunding, for starters." "... what old Hruska said about Israel and the Arabs?" "... different if it affected normal people." "... crippled, but he deserves it." "... got to make a strong first impression." "So pound some nails. Like Carter did, he says." "Why can't theyjust act like Christians and settle this?" "My kids never will. My husband would flip." "... can't sue, at least. God bless Bill Rehnquist." "...UV goggles, close the lid, and shut it all out." "But why should we? Why fight natural selection?" "... hear about the new Iraqi beer, Scud Light?" "The liberals want to use tax money for research..." "... Florida solution's the best. Model gun law." "... lose your tan lines and forget the lawyers for a while." "So Helms's assistant tells Kennedy..." "... typical rag-head product. It's so weak they say..." "But why should the innocent ones pay?" "... there in the Constitution. Black and white." "... barely knew him, so I was really surprised." "How many of 'em vote?" "... it takes fifteen or twenty of them before it hits you..." "... socialist notion that doesn't even work in Canada." "... every right to protect your property." "I said In your office?" "So he comes back with that lame poverty cycle shit." "No, that's different." 54 the minnesota review "... not that many homos up there anyway, are there?" "... criminals all have guns anyway. Why shouldn't we?" "... takes it out like I'm supposed to be really impressed." "Right, really stale stuff..." "The whites have been there as long as the tribes." "... in Toronto. Had to wait a month on her tennis...


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